RIP Cable: Online Streaming Services Are More Popular

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With more and more people staying at home, more content is consumed every day. The debate of Cable vs. Streaming churns as more people opt for streaming over Cable connections.

People are cutting their cable, realizing that paying for more streaming networks is significantly cheaper than paying for a traditional cable connection.

In recent years, online streaming platforms have become quite popular. The reason for them being popular is that people can stream any movies they like, unlike in Cable connection, where you are bound to watch only the movies on the channels.

That being said, we can clearly see streaming platforms having the upper hand over the traditional Cable connection.

This article will discuss the downfall of Cable connections and why online streaming platforms have become more popular.

Downfall Of Cable: A Slow Death

The demise of the cable connection was written several years from now when torrent websites like pirate bay made their appearance. People were fascinated by the fact that they could download any movies they liked and watch them in their leisure time.

Cable TVs started going downhill in early 2013, and that loss grew wider in 2014. A combination of the lower viewership and other entertainment media popping up resulted in where the current cable industry stands.

In fact, several new competitors have emerged in the last couple of years, challenging the legacy system.

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Platforms like –

  • Netflix.
  • Amazon.
  • Sling TV.
  • Crackle.
  • Sony Corp.

These are offering several streaming options to users. However, it is not the streaming option that has attracted users to these platforms, but the freedom to watch whichever movie they like.

One of the downsides of traditional cable TV was that people were forced to pay for the channel that they didn’t want to watch. This made people think that their money was wasted on something they didn’t want to watch.

So, when the streaming option became available to them, people were more than happy shifting from traditional cable TV to online streaming services.

Online streaming services have offered people the exact same they ever wanted from the cable TV services – Paying for what they are watching.

Thanks to the online streaming services, people can now watch what they want and not what’s coming on TVs.

Here are a few reasons that escalated the adoption of online streaming services over cable TV services.

1. Mobile Access

One of the best things about online streaming services is accessing them on your mobile. This gives you the freedom to watch your favorite movies while traveling—just the thing you need while you travel most.

2. Parental Control

Online streaming services come with parental control. That means you can set your streaming services to restrict certain content that might be just too much for elders and children in the house.

3. Original Content

There is no doubt about the fact that you get only original content on streaming platforms. In addition, the content keeps updating itself by following your watching pattern.

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4. Lower Prices

This one goes without the doubt that the online streaming platform offers the same HD movies at comparatively lower prices. For instance, you can register to Netflix with $15 and have unlimited access to all the content they offer.

5. No Extra Charges

Most cable services charge you extra for the setup and the additional channel you want to watch. But, in the case of online streaming services, there are no such things. Instead, you pay for what you watch.

Closing Thoughts

You can stop, pause, rewind and resume the movies you want to see on the online streaming platform that was never possible on cable TV services. Once the movie starts, you will continue with its pace. You have no control over how you consume it.

Fortunately, this barrier has been broken down by online streaming services. Although there are still cable TV services offering their service, the market still has customers for it. But, the new generation knows the internet better than any wired network.

Those days aren’t too far when people won’t even know what cable TV was!

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