An Overview Of Non-Functional Testing

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The perspective of non- functional testing is different from functional testing. It is a form of software testing, hat relies on superior control that is part of software applications. Therefore it ensures that things are in control and be aware if anything fails. A non  functional testing lays emphasis via their non- functional requirements and it would be not through non -specific behaviours. It tends to be quantified on variable scales as performance in response tests is important.

Such tests enable us to figure out the risks that a product foresees and gives us an idea poor performance in a production environment. The nature of such tests is that enable obtain information. They would explain what would the support a product provides and copes up with the functional requirements of a user.

The various types of   none—functional tests

Load testing

Load testing is known to stimulate demand emerging on a software application as it measures the result. Under expected demand such tests are performed and lead to spike conditions. To be running such tools, there is a need to stimulate the test tools as they stimulate the workload. It enables to figure out the maximum operational capacity emerging from any application. It enables to remove the bottle necks along with the causes of degradation. The moment test load would rise above the expected parameters; such tests would go by the name of stress test.

Stress testing

It is a form of a load test that would take place with superior demands that is higher than the operational requirements. It would be till they react the break point. Such a form of testing goes on to check out the stability of a system or an application. Special focus would be there on error handling or availability when you face overload issues.

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With such type of tests it is possible to identify the break points that limit the safer use of this application. Among various aspects it provides an idea on how the system fails.

Configuration testing

Rather than checking the performance of any application from a load perspective, by configuration tests it would indicate what validates performance would have an impact on the configuration changes undertake on to the application. An example is to experiment with the numerous load balancing methods, and figure out how the application responds to similar type of loads

In addition you can verify how the system is able to function properly with numerous configurations of hardware or software environments. It can relate to various browser configurations, internet browsers etc.

Volume testing

By volume testing you go on to validate the operation of any application, with numerous data volumes. The limit of the test is not subject to various databases. It is of help to measure the performance of an interface with an interface file if it exceeds a certain size.

The objective would be to provide certain data volumes of data which the application is going to work normally. It goes on to identify the various data volumes for the operation and outline the faulty conditions.

Usability testing

By usability testing the software users focus on how easy an application might be easy to use. An ease of learning is important since it provides an user an idea on how to make use of the application for the first time. Secondly how easy it would be to memorize the application use. The moment an user churns in a lot of time without use of the application as they can use it for the next time. They can use effectively for the next time.

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