4 Reasons to Keep a Portable Generator Around

Brian Eugen
By Brian Eugen 5 Min Read
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Portable generators are an undervalued bit of tech. It’s easy to consider them an expensive investment that will gather dust and see almost no use, but they’re much more than emergency power supplies. Here are 4 cases to illustrate why you should keep one around.

1. In Case The Power Goes Out

Who’d have thought it? Okay, sure – but do you have a portable generator? If not, you’re not allowed to laugh at this proposition.

Power failures are uncommon, but when they happen, the scariest thing is not knowing when it’s coming back. It could be minutes; it could be days. Top portable generator strategies like building up a fuel supply and ensuring your family knows how to safely turn on the emergency power make an outage much more bearable.

If the outage happens in the middle of summer or winter, you’ll also need something to power fans or portable heaters. You’ll know which you need most depending on where you live – the common denominator is a power source.

It can also save you money. If you keep your fridge and freezer well-stocked, a power outage can easily cost you over a hundred dollars in lost supplies. These aren’t high-energy appliances but need some kind of energy source. Even a small generator can keep your cooling units running until the mains supply is fixed.

Long story short: be prepared. It’s such a worthwhile investment.

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2. It Can Be Eco-Friendly

Not all generators guzzle gasoline or propane. Many modern options are designed for full or partial solar energy – of course, this means you’ll need solar panels, but even these are relatively inexpensive today.

Quite aside from storing energy while the sun shines in case of emergencies, you can permanently fuel a low-energy appliance like this. Getting solar panels installed on your roof drives down energy bills – connecting an outdoor appliance to a fully solar generator costs no extra energy at all.

Ah, but isn’t that a false economy? You have to buy the generator and solar panels in the first place!

No, because you wisely already bought an energy-efficient generator for emergencies (see reason #1). This is just finding extra uses for it.

3. Consider New Vacation Ideas

Ever felt the call of the wild? Camping is a much more affordable vacation choice than hotels or resorts. They’re also often much more tranquil and fulfilling – all the more so when you bring along a few home comforts which are powered, of course, by your trusty portable generator.

Having a ready source of energy means that you can enjoy different types of vacation. Take your kids camping by the side of a lake. Book a cabin for a romantic weekend (these often come with electricity, but you can’t guarantee it. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have a fallback). Pack a tent and just drive somewhere picturesque to spend the night away from life – and have a power source to heat your coffee in the morning.

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Trying new vacations doesn’t have to mean giving up modern amenities. Not when you have a portable generator.

4. Portable Energy for Emergencies Away from Home

Maybe the zombies are coming. Maybe you’re planning to elope. Maybe you just need to cut and run – no questions asked. Being out on the road works much better when you have a portable generator for emergency power.

Keeping your phone, laptop, and other essentials running is simple when you have a lightweight power source. It always seems far-fetched until it happens.

Stay Powered Wherever, Whenever

A portable generator is an essential investment whether you’re heading off to a cabin in the woods or just want to be prepared in case the lights go out. Pick a size and power capacity to suit your needs and keep it safe.

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