7 Untold Reasons To Use WordPress Premium Theme

Brian Eugen
By Brian Eugen 6 Min Read
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So, you are still using a default WordPress theme, or worse, a free theme. Well, there is nothing wrong in using free templates. But in order to boost your website’s traffic, you should use WordPress premium theme. It’s easy to use functionality will help you design a website with unique look. But all these advantages of using premium WordPress theme come at a price. Are you willing to spend a few bucks?

Premium WordPress theme or a free theme?

Is investing on WordPress premium themes worth it, for newly launched blogs? Should I use WordPress premium themes? Or should I wait for my blog to launch completely?

These questions haunt every new blogger. And without good decision making capability, you too can end up doing the following mistakes:

  • Sticking to a free theme and limiting blog’s exposure, until it is too late.
  • Choosing a wrong theme for your website. A complete wastage of money.
  • Paying more for less or unnecessary features.
  • Without proper survey, ending up purchasing an older version.

Why to use WordPress Premium Themes?

I recently switched over from the free WP-Clear theme to Generate theme. Using the old theme from Solostream was good but the new Genesis Framework is all fun and exciting. Later i came to know that, WP-Clear was never a free theme. The one i was using was a cracked version.

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This post on the need to use WordPress premium themes covers why you too should opt for a premium version soon.

1. Cleaner and Easy-to-Understand Codes

The best thing you would like about premium themes is the manner in which they are coded. On scanning the core theme files, you will get a good idea about what a particular segment of code is for. You don’t need to be a professional coder to know it.

2. Completely Search Engine Optimized

To be frank, this is the main reason why I chose a premium theme over my old theme. The theme developers make each and every code search engine friendly. You won’t find unnecessary lines of codes anywhere in the template. So with less effort your blog posts get noticed.

3. Integrated Advanced Functionality

The theme developers have also made efforts to empower your blog. Your premium theme is more than just a theme. Its advanced functionality and integrated tools are easy to use. It lessens your dependence on additional plugins. For instance, my Genesis theme already has inbuilt SEO tools, header and footer section where I can add my custom codes, features with easy on/off options etc.

4. Quality Support Services

Premium themes have their own support staff. Of course, you can always post a query on the WordPress forum and get it solved in case you are using free themes. But, the volunteers there are no match to the support services you get using premium themes. Related video tutorials, code snippets and timely services are guaranteed.

5. Sport a Unique Look

Another important reason why you should use WordPress premium themes is, unique websites can be design. Using the code snippets and advanced functionality your website can sport an exclusive look. By that way, it can stand out from a number of websites using free themes.

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Some free themes have encrypted links to the developer’s site in the footer. These links are not editable. You can only remove these after purchasing the premium WordPress theme. This hampers the credibility of the blog and the blog owner. But when you use WordPress premium themes you can easily remove them and have your custom links instead.

7. Possible Security Concerns

Premium themes keeps you updated about latest versions. Template developers roll out different versions of the theme on regular basis. With each update, they remove any possible bugs or errors detected in the theme. So from security point of view, using premium themes is most advisable.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Theme

So before buying a premium WordPress template, you need to consider what all features do the theme provide and how it will benefit you and your blog.

  • Consult those using premium themes for guidance.
  • Do your own research and select accordingly.
  • Don’t let giveaways or discounts affect your decision.
  • Take your time and reevaluate.

Given the choice, would you like to use a WordPress premium theme or stick with the default theme?

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