10 Reasons Why Your Digital Business Need VPN

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Just as running a digital business expands your customer base, it also exposes you to some risks. The internet is a big place, and anyone with the right skill set can break into your private files and corrupt it or steal important information from them.

Now, why does your business need a VPN? You might want to ask. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that was specifically built to prevent privacy and security breaches. It uses innovative technology to provide a barricade between private networks and unauthorized entities.

Everyone in this internet age needs a VPN, especially digital businesses because they have so much to lose. In this article, we’ll consider ten reasons your digital business needs a VPN.

Did you know that in 2019, 4.1 billion data records were compromised during the first half of the year? Taking your business online is a smart move, especially in this online dispensation. You’re creating a wider audience, and with suitable strategies, you can make it discoverable at the click of a button.

However, you’re also creating more loopholes for hackers to take advantage of, and here’s how using a VPN can safeguard your business:

#1 Strengthens Data Protection

The security of any business is automatically threatened when it’s online. Anyone with unauthorized access can easily breakthrough and make away with valuable information. Millions of dollars have been lost because of security breaches. Big corporations and businesses have also lost tons of confidential information to it.

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However, with a VPN, there’s an automatic barricade. No third party can intercept your data because of the tunnel a VPN creates for the safe exchange of information. It encrypts your data during online exchanges, and only a person with access to the decryption keys can access this information.

#2 Faster Internet Connection

Did you know that, sometimes, internet service providers engage in an act called internet throttling? Here, they slow down internet connections to make room for the high traffic they receive.

It can be a problem, especially if your digital business needs a fast internet connection to function. With a VPN like BlufVPN, you can easily flit from one server to another. This VPN has more than 500 servers worldwide, and you’ll easily find one with a fast internet connection.

#3 Smooth User Experience

When you or your workers don’t have to worry about troubleshooting or reporting glitches regularly, you’ll have a smooth user experience on your sites and systems. It’ll speed up your workflow and lead to productivity and efficiency.

#4 Remote Access

When you work physically, everyone can directly utilize office services like faxing, printing, Wi-Fi, etc. However, when you take your business online, that’s impossible.

But did you know that with remote access, your staff can easily access your business’s network services from just about anywhere? As long as they can connect to your local network, they’ll be able to access the data and other business services. With BlufVPN, you can restrict unauthorized access to your network without cutting your staff off.  That makes it easier to work remotely.

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#5 Access Control

Access control services enable you to control who has access to your business’s online resources. You can automatically grant permission to your employees. It also helps you keep out unauthorized entities.

Your employees will need to be verified before they can access your resources, and with BlufVPN, a simple IP address recognition is enough. You can configure your account to render this service.

#6 Geolocation Freedom

Like it or not, digital businesses also suffer from geolocational restrictions. However, BlufVPN can help you break that barrier with access to up to five hundred plus servers. As a result, you can access content that’s useful for your business from just about anywhere. In addition, you’ll pay meager fees for this service.

You can also connect about five devices to your BlufVPN account, which is more than sufficient if you run a small digital business.

#7 Automated Connections

Did you know that a VPN can automate logins and connections? You can tweak BlufVPN into recognizing access from particular devices. Since every device has its unique IP address, it’ll be much easier to register some of them on your VPN. It saves the time that you and your employees may have otherwise spent trying to establish a connection to your data network.

#8 Access Restrictions

A VPN also lets you control what sites your employees visit while using your business’s resources. For example, you can tweak BlufVPN to restrict access to informal or non-work-related sites during work hours. As a result, it increases productivity and helps reduce unnecessary data consumption.

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#9 Client Security

If you run an online business, you’ll likely have many clients who have confidential information with you. It can be bad for your business if a security breach leaks your clients’ private information.

With a strong password for accounts and a VPN, you can doubly protect them from privacy breaches. As a result, it’ll be significantly harder for their information to fall into the wrong hands, and they’ll find it easier to trust you.

#10 Mobility

If your business entails moving from one location to another, you’ll be able to maintain a single server and stable internet connection even when you’re on the move. That makes it easy for you to retain your essential services and content.

You’ll also be saving a substantial amount of money even while smoothly running your business. You’ll be able to place long-distance calls without incurring exorbitant charges when you change your server to one of BlufVPN’s 500+ servers.


There are several ways to safeguard your digital business. For example, you can restrict physical access to your devices, use a strong password, two-factor authentication, and install malware.

However, you’ll still be substantially susceptible to data breaches and security hacks. As such, it’s best to top off your security system by choosing a credible VPN. BlufVPN is available for this feat, and it’s just as easy as creating your account and enjoying a one-month money-back guarantee.

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