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Have you heard the latest about Revlon, the iconic cosmetic giant? It’s true, Revlon has filed for bankruptcy. This news might leave you wondering, “Is Revlon Total Color discontinued?” Well, let’s dive into what this means for Revlon and its popular products.

For 90 years, Revlon has been a trailblazer in the beauty industry, captivating consumers across the globe. They were pioneers, among the first to showcase models and actresses in their advertisements, earning the title of the “queen of lipstick” and other cosmetic favorites.

But even for a giant like Revlon, times have been tough. They’re now grappling with a massive debt. Why? A few reasons stand out: supply chain hiccups, soaring expenses, and intense competition from the influencer-dominated beauty market.

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What Happened To Revlon Total Color?

Revlon’s Breakthrough in Hair Color

In the ever-evolving world of beauty, Revlon made a significant splash in 2020. They introduced the New Total Color, marking their entry into the arena of permanent hair color with 100% coverage. As a frontrunner in at-home hair coloring, Revlon didn’t just launch another product; they redefined the game with Total Color.

What Makes Total Color Stand Out

Total Color isn’t your ordinary hair dye. It’s a state-of-the-art color solution that respects your hair and scalp. Revlon infused it with nourishing oils and botanicals, steering clear of many common hair coloring additives. This product is a testament to Revlon’s commitment to clean and considerate beauty.

Experience the Difference with Total Color

When you use Total Color, you’re not just changing your hair color. You’re embracing an experience that promises up to six weeks of vibrant intensity and a healthy shine. The formula, creamy and nurturing, transforms at-home hair coloring into a kind act for your hair. And it doesn’t stop there; it’s mindful of your scalp too, all without compromising on performance.

A Blend Free of Harsh Chemicals

Revlon took a bold step by omitting harsh chemicals typically found in hair dyes. Say goodbye to ammonia, parabens, sulfates, silicones, mineral oils, phthalates, and gluten. Instead, Total Color pampers your hair, leaving it silky soft with a deep, brilliant hue that lasts, thanks to the addition of Cannabis sativa (hemp) seed oil.

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Ease of Use: A User-Friendly Design

Revlon understands the importance of convenience. That’s why Total Color comes in an easy-to-use squeeze container, complete with a focused, no-drip applicator tip. This design ensures a mess-free application, especially at the roots, for those who love precision.

Silvia Galfo’s Take on Total Color

Silvia Galfo, President of the Revlon Global Brand, highlights the significance of Total Color in the realm of clean beauty. She points out its innovative role in the hair color market, setting new standards for what consumers can expect.

Is Total Color Still Available?

Despite Revlon’s financial challenges, Total Color remains on the market. It has not been discontinued, continuing to offer a clean, vibrant, and nourishing hair coloring experience.

Where To Buy Revlon Total Color?

Hair Dye: A Tool for Transformation

Hair dye has long been celebrated as a transformative beauty tool. It’s more than just a color change; it’s about feeling younger, more confident, and enthusiastic. Revlon Total Color embodies this spirit of transformation.

Availability: Everywhere You Look

Revlon Total Color is easily accessible. Whether you prefer shopping online or visiting local stores, you’ll find Total Color waiting for you. It’s widely available, ensuring that anyone looking to enhance their hair color can do so with ease and convenience.

Which Company Makes Revlon Total Color?

Revlon: A Storied American Beauty Icon

Revlon, a household name in the American cosmetics industry, has a rich history dating back to 1932, when it launched the first transparent nail enamel. Fast forward to today, and Revlon stands tall as a leader and innovator in the beauty world, recognized globally for its authority in color cosmetics.

A Global Presence with Renowned Brands

Revlon isn’t just about a single product; it’s a powerhouse offering a wide array of premium color cosmetics. With well-known brands like ColorStay, Super Lustrous, Revlon Ultra HD, and PhotoReady Candid, Revlon caters to consumers in over 150 countries, showcasing its dominance and versatility in the beauty industry.

A Legacy in Hair Color and Beauty Tools

Revlon’s journey includes a significant chapter in hair coloring and maintenance. Their ColorSilk brand is celebrated as the most popular hair color brand in the United States. But Revlon’s reach extends beyond hair color. The company also offers an extensive range of nail and beauty tools.

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Catering to Professionals: Revlon Professional

Professionals haven’t been overlooked. The Revlon Professional line, distributed through brands like Revlonissimo, UniqOne, and Equave, focuses on professional hairstylists and colorists, highlighting Revlon’s commitment to serving every aspect of the beauty industry.

Revlon Total Color Shortage

Revlon’s Battle in a Competitive Market

Revlon has been fighting hard to maintain its leading position in a market dominated by a few giants. Despite this struggle, the iconic brand is not disappearing. However, it has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, a move that allows a debt-ridden company in the U.S. to reorganize and strategize its comeback.

Strategic Moves Amid Financial Challenges

By filing for bankruptcy, Revlon aims to secure $575 million in funding from its current lenders. This move, pending court approval, is a strategy to continue operations, at least temporarily. It also opens up the possibility of product shortages during this restructuring period.

A New Chapter for Revlon

2022 brought a significant change for Revlon, with its acquisition by lenders. As the company potentially emerges from bankruptcy by April of this year, questions arise about its future. Will Revlon face more challenges, or will this turn of events breathe new life into the veteran beauty company?

Revlon CEO’s Vision for the Future

Debra Perelman, Revlon’s CEO, remains optimistic. She envisions this move as a way to continue offering their iconic products while paving a clearer path for future growth. As Revlon navigates these turbulent times, its commitment to its fans and products remains steadfast, signaling hope for a rejuvenated future in the beauty industry.


The COVID-19 pandemic brought unexpected challenges to many industries, including the beauty sector. Revlon felt this impact profoundly. With the widespread use of masks, the demand for lipstick, a staple in Revlon’s product line, plummeted. In April 2020, 44% of women were buying lipstick, but by 2021, this number had dropped to just 30%. This significant decrease in lipstick usage dealt a heavy blow to Revlon’s sales.

Comparative Market Performance

When we look at the bigger picture in the cosmetics industry, the contrast becomes clear. In 2021, while L’Oreal reported a staggering $38 billion in sales, Revlon’s sales were considerably lower, at around $2 billion. This figure includes sales from its well-known subsidiary, Elizabeth Arden. In the realm of the top twenty best-selling beauty products, Revlon is positioned around the 20th spot, indicating a fierce competition in the market.

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The Shift to Online Makeup Purchases

Another key factor influencing Revlon’s current situation is the shift in consumer behavior towards online shopping. The beauty market has seen a significant move to digital platforms, intensifying the competition for historic brands like Revlon. Experts in the beauty industry point out that this crowded online marketplace is putting pressure on traditional brands to adapt and innovate.

Looking Ahead: Revlon’s Prospects

As we look to the future, it’s clear that only time will reveal the full impact of these changes on Revlon. Will the brand be able to bounce back and reconnect consumers with its signature products? Or will the evolving landscape of the beauty industry lead to new challenges? What’s certain is that the journey ahead for Revlon will be one to watch, as the brand navigates through these transformative times in the quest to retain its legacy in the beauty world.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Revlon Total Color discontinued?

No, Revlon Total Color is not discontinued. It's still available for purchase both online and in physical stores.

2. Where can I buy Revlon Total Color?

You can buy Revlon Total Color at most major drugstores like Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid as well as online stores like Amazon and Walmart.

3. Is Revlon Total Color safe for my hair?

Yes, Revlon Total Color is safe for your hair. It's formulated with nourishing ingredients like keratin and oils to provide softness and shine to your hair.

4. Can I use Revlon Total Color on colored hair?

Yes, you can use Revlon Total Color on colored hair. It provides long-lasting color and leaves your hair looking vibrant and shiny.

5. How often should I use Revlon Total Color?

We recommend using Revlon Total Color every 4-6 weeks for optimal results.

6. What shades is Revlon Total Color available in?

Revlon Total Color is available in a range of 16 bold and vibrant shades, including black, blonde, brown, and red tones.

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