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While gambling was an activity filled with freedom in the past, many changes have affected various operations currently. No rules were regulating the gambling scene and other allied activities that the players engaged in.

Anyone would join the gambling businesses anytime provided they had the needed resources. Today the story is quite different, and gamers have to adhere to certain rules. The gambling operators also have to follow the set gambling policies in Portugal.

For instance, any operator willing to venture into a gambling business must first acquire the operating license from the Portuguese Regulatory Gambling Authority.

We were lucky to have a session with one of our gaming experts Victoria Oliveira, who explained the casino rules and regulations. Read on to find out more from the subsequent section.

What do the Portugal gambling regulations state?

Portugal is among the highest-ranked countries in terms of tax rates as it stands at 44%. Portugal has got a set of gambling policies established in 2015, and they have been useful in helping the government streamline the gambling operations in the sector.

In line with the 2015 gambling requirements and terms, the operators must have an operating license in various fields. If you plan to operate, you must have authorisation from the gambling authority to offer gaming services across bingo, horse race betting, fixed-odds betting, and games of luck.

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The Portuguese Regulatory Authority oversees the issuance of the gambling licenses to the operators and prevents unauthorised operators from penetrating the Portuguese market. It’s the 2015 laws that ushered the online gambling and betting regime.

What are some of the key highlights from the 2015 gambling regulation?

  1. Fighting money laundering and other allied frauds facilitated through gambling platforms to ensure security and order.
  2. Identifying, preventing criminal behaviour in the online gambling scene.
  3. Protection of the underage and the vulnerable. They are prone to addictive gambling and irresponsible gambling behaviour.
  4. Focused on stopping malpractices in the gambling arena, such as match-fixing and result manipulation, in most sporting activities.

The 2015 laws have been keen on ensuring that the operators adhere to the requirements before applying for the gambling license.

Fortunately, the site highlights if the featured casinos have been regulated or not. In Portugal, it’s the gambling regulation and service that checks the operations of the majority of the online casino operators.

According to the laws, the license is only granted for 3 years. But that does not limit the operators since you can renew once the period is over.

Live dealer casino games

If you are a fast interpreter, you’d understand that the games involve a real human dealer. Some of the live dealer games you will find on the licensed Portuguese casino sites are cards, spins, roulette wheels. You will only need a webcam to tune in to the broadcast from the game studios.

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Games of chance

As you know, casino gaming does not require gaming strategies alone. You also need to be lucky to get the most from them. They are popular casino games such as slots, poker, craps, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, which require a winning strategy. On the other hand, there are also casino games that are known as games of luck, such as slots.

Horse racing betting

It’s among the forms of betting that got legalised in Poland and other countries in the region. When in Portugal, you will be authorised to bet on the games, whether on Portuguese casino or OTB locations.

Bingo and lottery

If you have been playing casino games for long, you will confirm that bingo and lottery are some of the oldest casino games worth your time. They mainly involve crossing off numbers on a ticket.

After that, you will only have to wait for the winning numbers to be read. They are also games of chance that will put you in a better place of winning big when playing them.

As you can see from the above highlights, casinos in Portugal are legal in Portugal, and the enactment of the regulations in 2015 has seen the industry transform tremendously. The regulations have also undergone continuous modification to make the market better for both existing and new entrants.

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