Should You Use Apps for Betting?

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The sports betting industry is worth $76 billion, according to research firm Statista. The industry is projected to continue growing in the next decade—adding thousands of betting apps and millions of users in the process.

In the US, a large percentage of Internet users prefer to browse through their phones. This shouldn’t come as a surprise—96% of adults in the US own a mobile device and 81% of these devices support Internet connectivity.

Is it time you started to bet through your smartphone? Yes, and we’ll share the reasons below.

90% of Betting Sites are Mobile Responsive

A recent study by Compuware shows 78% of online shoppers prefer to bet through apps when given the choice. Owing to that backdrop, nine out of 10 betting companies have mobile-responsive websites.

Some bookmakers provide apps you can download and install on your iPhone or Samsung phone. But there’s one problem: Both Google and Apple have restrictive mobile betting laws that limit the number of people who can download betting apps through app stores.

As a solution, many sportsbooks prefer to design mobile-supportive sites. No one needs to install an app—they can conveniently bet through a browser site.

Football is the most popular sport for betting in the US. If you want to start betting like a pro, whether it’s through an app or a website, you need to make informed decisions. If you’re just starting out on your betting journey, it’s in your best interest to seek advice from sports gambling experts. For example, if you’re looking for college football best bets, Doc’s Sports professionals can provide all the information you need.

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 Apps Support Hundreds of Betting Markets

Worried you might not bet on certain games if you choose an app? Relax—Apps provide as many betting markets as websites. A betting site that offers 20 sports and 100 leagues through its website will provide a similar number of betting markets on its app.

Here’s the best part—you can enjoy the competitive odds your favorite betting site provides through their app. Of course, the best sports betting app 2021 also features a variety of bet types to spice up your experience.

Ensure you compare betting apps before you make a choice, though. Some apps provide better odds than others. Additionally, pay attention to the ratings and choose the best-rated apps.

Apps are More Convenient Than Sites

When you think about it, betting through an app is incredibly convenient. You could be sleeping in your bedroom. All you need is to reach out for your iPhone to bet on a tennis match in Australia.

You might be on the subway feeling bored—you can’t use your cubicle desktop in the subway. Sure, you can carry a laptop. But you might find it unsafe to use it at certain places. Additionally, you can use an app while on vacation, at the workplace or hotel room.

If you like to bet on sports but rarely get time, a betting app can help you create the time you need. That’s because apps are easy to carry, easy to access and use even when you have just a couple of minutes to check your phone.

Apps are More Interactive

Mobile betting apps aren’t just convenient. They’re more interactive. For starters, the standard mobile betting app in 2021 comes with a live streaming feature. That means you don’t need cable TV when it comes to watching certain sports.

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The basic requirement is to bet real money regularly. Then you’ll have access to sports streaming free of charge. Additionally, there’s in-play betting—you can wager after a game has begun.

Another way betting apps interactive with punters is through personalization. A good app saves your login information. Henceforth, it learns more about your likes and dislikes. Next, it personalizes your experience by only showing you sports you’d care about, your favorite payment options and bonuses you can grab.

Apps Attract Great Bonuses

If you like betting bonuses—and you should—you have every reason to install a betting app. With some sportsbooks, app users earn bigger bonuses than websites users. As mentioned, apps also support personalization.

If a bookmaker knows you love betting on the NFL, it can give you football betting bonuses occasionally. By comparison, MMA fans can grab free bets every time there’s a major bout in the UFC.

That said, app users qualify for all the bonuses websites punters can claim. That means you can claim a no deposit free bet. You can earn a bonus after your first deposit and more rewards for your loyalty.

In the usual style, bonuses vary greatly in quality. If you plan to utilize free bets, read through the fine print. Find out whether you can withdraw money won through a free bet. And if you can, learn the terms involved.

Modern Apps are Safe and Reliable

A decade ago, betting through an app was a gamble. The technology wasn’t as advanced as it is today. And as a result, apps crashed often. They were laggy, slow and prone to hacking. Nowadays, apps security has improved tremendously.

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What’s more, betting apps are licensed. If you need prove that a bookie is genuine, all you need is to check its license. If you need extra assurance, look for data protection compliance, encryption tools, or a certificate from an independent auditor.

Of course, you want an app that supports your device. In many cases, you can download an app for your iPhone or android through the official website of your favorite bookmaker. In some countries, you can install an app from Google or Apple Play Store.

Apps Facilitate Mobile Banking

One of the biggest worries bettors have concerns deposits and withdrawals. Some people are worried a bookie app doesn’t support their favorite payment provider. Some punters worry they might not deposit a lot of money through an app.

Fortunately, apps are powerful payment tools. They support card issuers like Visa and MasterCard. They work with PayPal and EcoPayz. You can use bank transfer, Bitcoin or an eCheck.

When it comes to terms, this depends on the specific sportsbook you join. Some companies have pretty low limits, from $5 to $500. Others provide room for high rollers, allowing you to deposit and withdraw as much as $100,000.


If you had any doubts about betting through an app, you probably have the answers now. Betting apps are convenient, interactive and loaded with betting goodness. All you need is to find the right betting app for you.

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