4 Simple SEO Link Building Tips that Work

Brian Eugen
By Brian Eugen 4 Min Read
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Link building is a game player in an SEO plan. It is something that gives a boost of traffic only with a few links. This strategy has been introduced for a while now but can still offer great attention to your brand and build its credibility. Link building has many benefits for a new brand or a blog as it offers awareness and helps you learn some of the tactics used by your seasonal competitors. Most importantly, getting links or callbacks from popular sites adds to the organic traffic and is an inexpensive tactic.

Hence, leaving out link building while doing your SEO on your site can be like being left out on several opportunities and not providing the right kind of awareness for your brand. However, if you feel like you have less time on your hands, you can always take good services from agencies like Impressive Digital. Or read the following simple tips to get started:

Create a Blog

A blog is a credible place that brands and businesses create for their customers to gain information and understand what processes are used to develop shier products. It is also a place that you can link build at quickly. If you already have a few dozen informative and valuable articles on your site, all you have to do is wait and let high authority sites go to your site and ask for their links to be placed in your blogs. However, if you have yet to start a blog, ensure to create desirable content by the readers and stay consistent throughout the way.

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Invest Time in Guest Posting

If blogging is underway, but you need to gain links and more traffic quickly, you can try writing guest posts for different sites. This way, you can leave your link on promising sites and articles on them for readers to redirect. Such mentions of your site on high authority sites will help you gain credibility and highly converting traffic. And the easy way to asking to write guest posts on high authority sites is searching with the terms’ guest post’ or ‘write for us’ or writing the name of the site with these terms on Google and leave good quality and in-demand guest posts on the searches to get linked.

The somewhat of a shortcut or an easier way to get backlinks is searching for broken links on suitable sites to sites that are similar to yours. Doing this helps you fit your website into already trafficked and seasonal blogs to receive their audience from them. The same can be done by finding unlinked mentions of your brand or blog and ask to get your link pasted to redirect the traffic.

It’s not a surprising fact that images perform better than words as they attract better attention from readers. People always find it easier to go through visual and attractive infographics than the same information written in terms. And images bring life to a blog. These visual aspects can help you even more, when taken from or supplied to different high-authority websites and your link with them. Infographics are also searched in Google, and hence your site can be found through them as well.

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