Some Common Benefits and Risks Associated With Artificial Intelligence

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It is time we stop giving in to the tormenting films and books, which repeatedly showcase artificially intelligent beings condescending us humans and overtaking our world. Instead, we ought to take some time and acknowledge the common benefits and the potential risks associated coming from the real-life usability of AI. Even though most people associate AI to the tech sector, it is excessively used across industries, which may not be solely tech-based. Here, with this article, we will discuss some common benefits and the risks that AI brings.

Common advantages of AI

Artificial Intelligent devices employ machine learning programs, which copy the human cognitive abilities to solve a problem, regardless of how complicated or straightforward it may be.

Accentuates the task efficiency

The AI-powered machines are incredible at performing a given job repetitively with extreme accuracy. The prime reason is they overcome human errors from the jobs and help achieve precise results whenever you make it do any job.

Moreover, the machines are capable of round the clock operation. Hence, there is never a need of hiring 2 sets of workers (one for the morning-shift and one for the evening-shift) to cater to the essential tasks.

Steve, an associate who works with an engineering assignment help platform, says that students may need help anytime during the day, and for that, they use the chat assistants to ensure that all the student queries are answered. It is indeed an excellent way to offer support to the customer and handle their queries 24/7.

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Work with greater accuracy.

Today, expert scientists have started educating the AI-engineered machines to handle the most complex queries and perform even the most critical tasks all by themselves so that the solution is accurate and indeed better as opposed to the human counterparts. Owing to their supreme accuracy, today these machines are imperative, primarily in the health sector, thanks to their ability to cater to the most critical tasks. These devices are also getting more equipped at diagnosing grave illnesses in the body and handling complicated surgeries to reduce the human risk.

Lower the money spend on routine working and training

In these AI-powered devices, machine learning programs, such as neural networks as well as the deep learning, are used to educate on new things, just like us being. It helps overcome the need to draft new codes anytime something is to be learned. Continuous R&D is happening around the world to better the AI-engineered machines, which employ the machine thinking abilities to enable them to develop new skills faster. As a result of this, the overall money spent on operation is lowered. Hence, the job is undertaken with greater accuracy. For instance, machines will not take a break from work and will perform even the monotonous tasks over and over again sans any variation in outcome or downtime.

Betters processes

The most likable thing about the AI-engineered machines employed at work is that they enable us to accumulate a large sum of data associated with the task. This data can be analyzed to gather necessary insights, which allows us to use them to their optimum levels. With every passing day, the machine learning programs are getting so good that they can perform a lot of analysis by themselves.

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Potential risks of AI

Regarded as a blessing for the whole of humanity, AI is also feared by many scientists and even common man at times. It is because AI is potentially risky.

Not very sustainable

AI machines have significantly high computing abilities, owing to their many processors. These AI computer chips are composed of rare materials, such as Selenium. Moreover, these machines’ batteries function on Lithium, which is also a unique element found within the earth. With excessive mining and extractions, the resources are diminishing and that is significantly deteriorating the environment around us at a burgeoning rate. AI-powered machines use a high degree of power to operate, and that puts huge pressure on the power plant industries and hampers the mother earth, points out Jacob, who offers services like marketing assignment help.

Fewer jobs

It goes without saying that machines are more capable than humans in performing repeatable and routine jobs. Consequently, a lot of businesses prefer to opt for machines over humans to boost productivity. This, in turn, lowers the jobs, which were otherwise meant for humans.


Privacy violations

Mike, a senior member of online calculus tutors club and an experienced AI developer says that Privacy violations could be very serious risk of AI misuse. Malicious use of AI threaten the physical security, digital security and the political security as well.

Bottom line

Every aspect comes with two sides, and the same hold for AI. The burgeoning smart machines considerably relaxed our lives in so many ways. However, we should bring in place moral principles and codes which help mitigate potential risks –

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