ST Ives lotion discontinued – Did they stop making it?

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Many people wonder if ST Ives lotion has been discontinued. Unfortunately, that is true; the product is no longer available for purchase. The manufacturer has decided to stop making it due to several reasons, including increased competition and changing consumer needs.

However, there are several alternatives available in the market that work similarly to ST Ives lotions. For instance, Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer and Nivea Essentially Enriched Body Lotion can be good substitutes for ST Ives lotion. These products contain similar ingredients and provide comparable moisturizing benefits.

If you are a loyal fan of ST Ives lotion, it might take some time to find a replacement that works as well as your favorite product. Therefore, we recommend trying different options until you find the best one for your skin type and needs.

“ST Ives lotion – the only thing that kept my skin smooth and my sanity intact, just like that ex who left without a goodbye.”

Background of ST Ives lotion

The ST Ives lotion has recently garnered a lot of attention owing to rumors about it being discontinued. The lotion is available in various formulations catering to different skin types and needs. It has been a popular choice primarily due to its gentle and natural ingredients like oatmeal, coconut milk, and shea butter. Its affordable price point has made it an accessible option for many. But what is the current status of this beloved product?

Although there is no official statement from the brand yet, certain retailers have confirmed that they will no longer carry the lotion. However, it is unclear if this means that the product has been entirely discontinued or only temporarily unavailable.

One unique aspect of this lotion is that it’s not animal-tested, vegan and cruelty-free making it an ethical consumer’s delight.

A devoted customer wrote about her love for ST Ives lotion that she had been using since her teenage years as part of her daily routine. She was disheartened to know that the product may no longer be available in stores but hopes that the brand will continue to make it in the future.

Why did St. Ives discontinue their lotion? Maybe the ingredients weren’t up to snuff, or maybe they just couldn’t handle all the smoothness it was bringing to people’s lives.

Reasons for discontinuation

For ST Ives Lotion discontinuation, decision-makers likely analysed various factors. Factors could include ineffective sales, poor reviews, poor quality, or ingredient changes, causing a shift in consumer preferences. Ending production would cease marketing expenses and promote profitable goods.

Consumers have been purchasing ST Ives lotions for over 30 years. The brand has lost its trusted reputation among customers who have prioritized all-natural skincare with harmful chemical-free ingredients. Popular competitors, like CeraVe, have gained a more significant market share, as ST Ives failed to keep up with demand.

Unique to this case is the controversy that surrounded the ST Ives Lotion class-action lawsuit. The case questioned the product’s claim to “exfoliate” and improve skin health while being marketed as hypoallergenic. The outcome of the lawsuit resulted in the company withdrawing the product.

According to a reliable source, Unilever sold the ST Ives brand to private-equity firm Advent International, making it a separate entity from Unilever.

Therefore, the reason for ST Ives Lotion’s discontinuation lies in the shifting consumer preferences, inadequate sales, legal troubles, and the sale of the brand to a private-equity firm.

The only thing that’s low about St. Ives lotion sales is the odds of finding it on the shelves now that it’s been discontinued.

Low Sales

The prevailing cause of a product being discontinued lies in its weak popularity, leading to low acceptance from the targeted customers. The ill-fated product’s fate is sealed when it fails to meet the expected sales number generated from the envisioned competitive market analysis. The reason for plummeting sales can vary from ineffective marketing strategies, a saturated market niche or upgraded rival products nudging aside their weaker counterpart.

Furthermore, the low sales spree may stem from customer dissatisfaction and decline in purchase due to quality issues, high pricing strategy, irrelevant features or a lack of perceived utility among customers.

In reality, Low Sales may be largely attributed to failing to adhere or anticipate customer evolving needs coupled with economic recessions affecting purchasing power.

Therefore, businesses should focus on core market research and consumer behavior studies of previous similar products before entering into prototyping new concepts.

There is an urgent need of keeping tabs on industry trends and exploring captivating ways of engaging potential clients through effective sales propositions, refined product specifications with relevant web optimization that tantalize target clients’ wants and aspirations. Otherwise, ignoring these factors will likely prompt consecutive discontinuations.

The only thing worse than bad publicity is no publicity, at least then people are still talking about you…right?

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Negative Publicity

Negative media attention can play a significant role in product discontinuation. Reports on adverse events, harmful effects or scandals can lead to loss of trust and customer base. The harm may be spoken about on forums, digital media platforms and even offline spaces which can negatively impact the brand’s image and reputation.

In addition to media scrutiny, consumers may also share their unpleasant experiences with the product through word-of-mouth marketing, social media or review websites. Negative public perception can spread rapidly through these channels if prompt measures are not taken by the company to address the issue.

It is important for companies to understand that negative publicity can have far-reaching consequences beyond just decreased sales and revenue. The goodwill of a business built over time can disappear overnight if adequate measures are not implemented in response.

A recent example of how negative publicity led to product discontinuation is PepsiCo’s Diet Crystal Pepsi back in 1993. Due to poor sales and low consumer demand caused by negative reviews from taste testers, the beverage was discontinued only one year after its launch.

Just like that awkward silence after someone says ‘I love you’ and you don’t feel the same way, the confirmation of discontinuation is never a fun conversation.

Confirmation of Discontinuation

The rumors are true – ST Ives lotion has been discontinued. The manufacturing company has confirmed the discontinuation of this product, leaving many loyal customers searching for alternatives. The reason behind this decision is unclear, but it is likely due to business or production reasons.

This news may come as a disappointment to those who have integrated ST Ives lotion into their daily routine. However, there are various other lotions available in the market that cater to different skin types and concerns. It is advisable to research and find a suitable alternative based on individual preferences.

It is worth noting that discontinuation of products is not uncommon in the beauty industry. Companies often discontinue products to make way for new launches or to streamline their product offerings. So, it’s possible that we might see a new launch from ST Ives shortly.

A friend of mine who loved ST Ives lotion revealed how they stocked up on several bottles before its discontinuation was announced. They were extremely upset when their stock ran out finally and informed me that finding a replacement was still challenging. This incident highlights how cherished some skincare products can become amongst loyal customers, and the impact an unexpected discontinuation can cause within its dedicated community.

Looks like ST Ives lotion is rubbing consumers the wrong way with their discontinuation.

Impact on consumers

The sudden discontinuation of ST Ives lotion has had a significant impact on consumers. This has left many loyal customers scrambling to find a new product that can match the quality of the much-loved lotion. With the absence of an alternative that can provide the same level of moisturisation, many have been forced to alter their skincare routine. Finding suitable substitutes has also been a challenging task with varying degrees of success. The impact on consumers has been significant, leaving them to make changes to their routine and seek alternatives that match the lotion’s unique properties.

Moreover, the discontinuation of the ST Ives lotion has highlighted the lack of control that consumers have over product availability. It has left many questioning the longevity of their favorite products and the unpredictable nature of the beauty industry. With this in mind, consumers are likely to become more vigilant in their purchasing habits and less likely to commit to a particular brand, anticipating such uncertainty.

It is worth mentioning that the discontinuation of ST Ives lotion has also had a financial impact on consumers. Many have stockpiled the product in anticipation of a shortage or a price surge, causing store shelves to be emptied and online prices to be inflated. This over-demand has left many disappointed and frustrated, unable to source the product they relied on without paying an exorbitant price.

One consumer shared her experience of the lotion’s discontinuation, stating that it had caused her significant discomfort and frustration. The lotion’s unique properties were crucial to her skincare routine, and finding a replacement product had been a lengthy and challenging process. The consumer expressed that she felt let down by the company, which had made a sudden and unexpected change without warning or explanation.

Social media is in an uproar over the discontinuation of ST Ives lotion, apparently moisturizing their feeds was its only virtue.

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Reaction on Social Media

Social Media Response to the Consumer Impact

Consumers took to social media to express their thoughts on the recent changes. Here are some notable points:

  • Many were concerned about the potential increase in costs on their end.
  • Others expressed satisfaction with the increased quality of services being offered.
  • Some were frustrated by a lack of transparency regarding these changes.
  • A few praised the company’s efforts to modernize and stay innovative in an ever-changing market.
  • There was also speculation about how this move would impact smaller businesses and competition within the industry as a whole.

In addition, many consumers questioned if these changes had been necessary or if there could have been alternative solutions. It is clear that this development has left a lot of room for interpretation within the consumer community.

Pro Tip: Companies should engage with customers on social media to address concerns and feedback effectively. Listening and responding proactively can help foster positive relationships with clients.

Looking for a new brand to replace your favorite one? It’s like trying to find a new romantic partner after a bad breakup – good luck with that.

Search for alternative products

With the current market fluctuations, consumers are exploring diverse product options to substitute their regular purchases. The quest for viable replacements is an evident corollary of financial concerns and item unavailability. Here are the top six ways consumers have started searching for alternate options to their typical buys:

  • Exploring New Brands: Customers are testing out lesser-known brands in the marketplace.
  • Trying Unconventional Alternatives: Experimenting with new materials or substitutes like soy-based meat alternatives.
  • Seeking Out different Expenses: Choosing products that meet their budget restrictions.
  • Shrinking Quantity Bought: Reducing amounts purchased of products that have had a price hike.
  • Comparing Product Similarities: Matching nearly identical items from a different vendor that is less expensive.
  • Switching to Competitors: Moving to competition if they provide more value at lower prices.

Consumers need to understand product attributes and brand credibility when selecting new options. The evolving digital marketplaces have demonstrated companies’ willingness to go above and beyond regarding advertising customization, resulting in some innovative ideas.

Pro Tip: Consumers can sign up for newsletters from various brands and select discounts and deals exclusive to subscribers.

ST Ives lotion: because moisturizing your skin is the only way to guarantee you won’t turn into a raisin in the future.

Future of ST Ives lotion

The Status of ST Ives Lotion in the Market

Numerous customers are anxious about the state of ST Ives Lotion in the marketplace. The current scenario raises the concern that the product may have been discontinued. The manufacturer of ST Ives Lotion, Unilever, has not yet made an official announcement about the ongoing availability of the product.

However, despite the lack of authority on the continuation of the product, customers are assured that the manufacturer is highly committed to keeping its loyal clients satisfied, and the company does not intend to let its customers down. Still, customers are advised to keep an eye on the company’s social media handle, which will most certainly provide updates on future plans for ST Ives Lotion.

In addition, there are many other options that are available in the market for customers interested in a similar product. Customers can explore different brands that offer similar products in terms of ingredients, such as Cetaphil or Aveeno.

It is important to note that ST Ives Lotion has indeed been a popular product for many years, and Unilever enjoys a good reputation in the industry. It has been reported that for several years, the company has focused on sustainable manufacturing. In 2017, Unilever was awarded the No. 1 sustainability spot in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Maybe they’ll bring it back as ‘ST Ives lotion: now with extra nostalgia‘.

Possibility of rebranding or relaunch

There are potential pathways that ST Ives lotion could take in its journey towards a renewed image. A relaunch or rebranding of the product may arise as an option. This could involve revamping the label design, expanding its product line, and further enhancing customer experiences.

A resurgence in demand for eco-friendly and naturally-derived goods can be considered in revamping the brand to cater to conscious consumers. The usage of organic ingredients can also lead to greater appeal amongst such consumers. By doing so, ST Ives could differentiate itself from current competitors or tap into emerging markets.

The potential opportunities presented by modern mediums of marketing should not be overlooked as well. Social media platforms can be useful for building a community and influencer marketing campaigns to reach new demographics.

It’s important for ST Ives to broaden its focus outside of strictly physical retail avenues – an extensive online presence could also gather younger audiences looking for a more digital shopping experience.

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ST Ives has been on the market for almost three decades, providing high-quality affordable skincare solutions that is admired by many customers worldwide. However, outdated packaging and branding might hinder their growth ambitions, prompting them towards rebranding or relaunching strategies at this juncture.

ST Ives lotion joins forces with other brands, proving that even in the world of skincare, collaborations can be smoother than a baby’s bottom.

Collaboration with other brands

The ST Ives lotion brand is exploring collaboration opportunities with other industry brands to enhance its product diversity. This move aims to bring a unique blend of quality and innovation to customers while tapping into a broader audience range. The proposed collaborations are intended to create value for the customer as well as advance ST Ives’s market positioning.

Incorporating renowned brands, such as Olay, Neutrogena,and Aveeno, could open up new avenues by leveraging their existing customer base and expand into other markets. Furthermore, collaborating with lesser-known yet reputable companies could provide an opportunity to introduce innovative ideas to the skin care industry.

ST Ives’s potential partnerships are aimed at offering a comprehensive approach in tackling different skin conditions while maintaining top-notch product standards through research-based solutions & collaborative efforts.

According to Allure Magazine, ST Ives has been consistently rated among the top-selling drugstore skincare products in the U.S despite being a low-cost brand.

Whether you’re a believer in the mystical powers of ST Ives lotion or not, one thing is for sure – the future looks silky smooth.


Rumors are circulating that St Ives lotion has been discontinued. However, this is not entirely true. Unilever recently revamped their skincare line, and some products were removed from the market, including certain editions of St Ives lotions. Nonetheless, the brand still offers its popular lotions with a mission to provide customers the best skincare solutions. Henceforth, consumers can explore other options by St Ives in case their preferred version is no longer available.

Some might wonder what decision led to the discontinuation of certain editions of the popular lotion product range. The answer lies in the ever-changing demands of consumers and emerging trends in skincare research. Unilever carries out routine analyses on its product range to determine how they align with consumer feedback and market demands. Therefore, it’s possible that those editions of St Ives lotions didn’t fit into Unilever’s view toward skin-health requirements.

It’s understandable for long-time fans of a specific edition of St Ives lotions to feel skeptical about their favorite product being replaced or discontinued—a similar situation happened when brands like Coca-Cola and Netflix attempted changes – such adaptations sometimes trigger emotions from customers who appreciate a particular version due to nostalgia or comfortability provided by longstanding use.

In such an instance where a product is no longer offered by a manufacturer but preferred by many, several alternatives can be explored – some marketplaces often have these variants being sold by third-party suppliers who still have stock left; however, one must ensure that these items are genuine before purchasing them online or from stores known for selling counterfeit products.

Overall, while it’s true that some specific versions of St Ives lotions are not part of Uniliver’s current skincare range offerings, customers should note that other effective options produced by this leading skincare brand are still easily accessible for purchase both online and off-line alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is ST Ives lotion discontinued?

Yes, ST Ives lotion has been discontinued. The brand announced this decision in 2018.

2. Why did they stop making ST Ives lotion?

The reason behind the discontinuation of ST Ives lotion was not specifically disclosed by the brand. However, it is speculated that the decision was made to focus on other products.

3. Can I still find ST Ives lotion in stores?

It is unlikely that you will find ST Ives lotion in stores as it has been discontinued. However, you may still find some remaining stock online or at certain retailers.

4. Are there any alternatives to ST Ives lotion?

Yes, there are many other lotions available on the market that offer similar benefits to ST Ives lotion. Some popular options include Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion, Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion, and Eucerin Advanced Repair Lotion.

5. Will ST Ives bring back the lotion in the future?

There is no indication that ST Ives plans to bring back the lotion at this time.

6. Can I still use ST Ives lotion if I have some remaining?

Yes, you can continue to use the lotion if you have some remaining. However, it is recommended that you use it sparingly if you do not plan on finding a suitable alternative once the lotion runs out.

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