How You Can Supervise and Monitor Your Outsourced Team of Laravel Developers

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Laravel developers specialize in websites and applications tailored to the needs of several companies. You can outsource work to Laravel developers to enhance your brand awareness and increase efficiency. Lockdown has taught many industries to cut costs and enjoy the various benefits of outsourcing development management, with the outsourcing market of the world’s IT estimated to reach $397.6 billion by 2025, with annual growth of 4.5%, according to the latest statistics from

Modernity in businesses brings about several ways to grow without adding to the number of employees and to stay competitive with world-class services. This is especially true when working on a large-scale development project. Instead of going with in-house talent, you can diversify services and explore diverse aspects of company growth and development.

Laravel developers specialize in helping to support large-scale development projects, indulge in software package development, using safe and strong PHP frameworks with the ability to operate huge amounts of data.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an easy-to-understand and strong open-source PHP framework that provides a variety of features by reusing existing components of other frameworks and stringently equipping the MVC design pattern. This is useful when creating a new well-designed and properly structured web application.

Laravel is a framework that includes some basic PHP framework features. Looking at the 5-year time period, the outsourcing of software development market is expected to rise from $88.9 billion to 98 billion from 2015 to 2024.

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The Global market size of outsourced services has reached 92.5 billion dollars, as of February 2022 already.

How you can manage outsourcing to distant Laravel developers

Let us look at some easy ways companies can use to supervise, manage, and control their outsourced work to Laravel developers:

#1 Make sure it is cost-effective

Outsourcing is cost-effective in every way as you will be exempt from the cost of hiring a new employee. This means fewer overheads, low perks & wages, and use of fewer office supplies. You may feel the pinch of the initial outsourcing fees, but eventually, you will realize that it is much lower than maintaining full-time employees at your company.

#2 Make sure it is Less Inconvenient

One of the biggest hassles of recruiting employees is going through the tiresome hiring process which is expensive and needs a lot of organization, time, and effort. Hiring outsourced Laravel developers is easy on your pocket and the convenience part, as they either work from home or come to your office, preferably with their equipment.

#3 Save the software

Software subscriptions are expensive. When hiring an in-house employee, you may have to provide expensive software or hardware (a proper system with accessories) for your employees to work on. On the other hand, outsourced Laravel developers have their software to complete your work.

#4 Outsource to talented and experienced experts

Undoubtedly the biggest advantage of outsourced Laravel developers is that they know their job well. They may have had the experience of working in similar industries and have the perfect know-how of how to work with your company’s system and development. They don’t need to be trained and are well-equipped with the resources and the skills you need to get your job done.

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#5 The transformation is simple

Attrition of full-time employees can get stressful and expensive for companies. It is comparatively much easier to let the outsourced developers go or simply interchange talent as per requirement. You don’t have to bother with the long and tedious employment process for exchange.

#6 Check the tools you want them to use

It is entirely your choice to decide which tools you want the outsourced team to use and which ones you don’t want to give them the tool access permission to. You can double your output by checking out their services and how you want them to work on your tools, for example:

  • You can choose if you want them to directly log in to your backend data system or not
  • Or if you simply want them to work separately and post their work to you or directly to your webpage
  • You can analyze how fast you can achieve security clearance for them and what you want them to see and whatnot
  •  You are the boss in every situation and this way you can manage your offshore team effectively

#7 Maintain clear communication

This is not a problem anymore, especially with the introduction of various online tools like email, video, webinars, online meetings, zoom sessions, etc. Yes, it is easier to communicate with in-house employees because of the face-to-face interaction, but even with outsourced workers, you can effectively communicate what you want from them using various online resources.

#8 Pay attention to the time zone

Outsourcing work to Laravel developers has one of the biggest advantages that you can hire laravel developers from a pool of experts around the world. This also comes with time zones, so while communicating or expecting output from them, you must be wary of the different time zones and set expectations accordingly. This guarantees the best access to professionals in the field.

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#9 How well are they aware of your process?

Outsourced Laravel developers are professionals in their jobs who have the expertise working for the same industry and business for years. They efficiently manage software development and they are good at processing information. You need to make them aware of your objectives and the way your company works. Help them understand your:

  • Internal processes and protocols
  • Your security system
  • Access to a front-end system or a back-end system
  • Give them the go-ahead for the right approval process
  • Document each conversation and establish a development chain with them#

#10 Check legitimacy & privacy

One of the biggest factors that affect a company while working with outsourced Laravel developers is their efficacy, skill, experience, legitimacy, security, and privacy. The online world is vast, so create great opportunities by first doing a background check, then confirming reviews, and indulging in due diligence. You are entrusting the outsourced developers with crucial information about your business, so you must maintain thorough research and check on the company before you outsource work to them.


As a company, you must assess and analyze your situation; if for creating feature-rich apps and websites, and getting access to a more secure framework for developing and maintaining web apps, would you rely on an in-house team, or would you outsource this dedicated work to the appropriate Laravel developers?

The talent shortage is a major complication and finding experienced and skilled software developers is a challenge. As Laravel adoption increases, so does the demand for Laravel developers. Many don’t leverage the development of Laravel-based websites and apps because of a shortage of knowledge or funds. But if you want to build a Laravel website or app, hire laravel developers to oversee, guide, and direct the project.

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