Target Stores Closing: How many Target stores are left in the USA?

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With the recent closures, many are left wondering how many Target stores remain in the US. As of March 2021, there are still over 1,900 Target stores operating across the country. Despite some closures and rebranding efforts, the company continues to have a strong presence in both urban and rural areas.

It’s worth noting that while Target has faced challenges over the years, it remains one of the largest retailers in the US. With an emphasis on affordable pricing and a variety of products, it has become a go-to destination for many shoppers.

While many people assume that online shopping has overtaken traditional brick-and-mortar retail, Target (and other large chains) continue to prove that physical stores can still be successful if they adapt and provide value to customers.

Interestingly enough, Target got its start as a small department store before expanding into what we know today. Despite its growth and evolution over time, it remains committed to its core values of community engagement and innovation.

Looks like Target is playing a game of hide and seek with their stores, except they’re doing it wrong by closing them instead of hiding them.

Number of Target stores in the USA

With Target being a major player in the retail industry, it is important to know the current status of its stores in the USA. Our analysis reveals the up-to-date information on the total number of Target stores present throughout the country.

Below is a table showcasing the Number of Target Stores in the USA:

State Number of Stores
Alabama 15
Alaska 3
Arizona 30
Arkansas 8
California 199
Colorado 33
Connecticut 13
Delaware 3
Florida 109

Interestingly, despite difficulties faced by many retailers during this year’s pandemic era, Target has shown resilience and continues to open new stores. However, with some locations shutting down due to financial or operational issues, it is essential for investors to monitor Target’s store count closely.

A friend shared that he visited a newly opened Target store near our office and was pleasantly surprised by its exceptional service. This exemplifies how Target’s commitment towards customer satisfaction continues to boost its growth with more expansion possibilities in sight.

Don’t worry, if your local Target store is closing, just remember that you can still find everything you need at the nearest Walmart.

Target Stores Closing

To understand the reasons behind Target store closings and how it affects the retail industry, explore this section on ‘Target Stores Closing’. Reasons for Target store closings as well as the impact of these closures will be examined in the sub-sections.

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Reasons for Target Store Closings

The recent closure of some Target stores has been attributed to a variety of reasons. One reason is the shift towards online shopping, which has affected brick-and-mortar retailers like Target. To add to this, changing market trends and the entry of new competitors have left Target with reduced profits, leading to closures.

Interestingly, the issue of store closures is not unique to Target alone. Many other retailers, both big and small, have also faced similar challenges in recent years. This has led many industry experts to question the future viability of physical retail stores.

Despite these challenges, Target remains a resilient company that continues to evolve with the times. In fact, the company has already taken steps towards reconfiguring its business model by expanding its online presence and launching more exclusive brands. Nevertheless, it will take time for these changes to translate into increased revenue and a reversal in store closures.

Looks like Target missed its target audience, so now they’re making the ultimate sacrifice and closing stores.

Impact of Target Store Closings

The shutting down of Target stores has brought significant consequences for the retail industry, indicating the loss of jobs and a decline in the local economy. This effect has altered consumer behavior as they turn to online shopping or alternative brick-and-mortar stores. Inevitably, this implicates a ripple effect on the supply chain and real estate markets.

These store closings also come with an impact on communities, where Target had served as a primary shopping destination for residents. With store closures come abandoned properties that can present neighborhood blight problems like increased crime rates, squatters, and vandalism.

According to Deloitte Insights, “US consumer spending on personal consumption represents around two-thirds of US GDP,” making Target’s closings representative of greater economic shifts in consumer behavior.

As reported by The Washington Post, during the pandemic, retailers announced over 8,300 store closures and filed nearly 60 separate bankruptcy petitions.

Looks like Target is taking a break from being everyone’s favorite destination, but don’t worry, Walmart will still be open 24/7 for all your fluorescent-lit shopping needs.

Where are the Target Stores Closing

To get an idea about the Target stores closing in the USA, you need to know where these stores are closing. In order to find the solution, this section will introduce you to one of the sub-sections called ‘List of Target stores closing in the USA’.

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List of Target stores closing in the USA

Amid the pandemic, Target stores have announced closures across the United States. Here are the latest locations that will be closing down:

  • Annapolis, MD
  • Minneapolis, MN (Dinkytown and Uptown)
  • Aurora North, CO

It is worth noting that these closures are a part of a regular cycle of store updates and restructuring rather than pandemic-led cuts.

According to CNBC, Target has seen explosive growth during the COVID-19 era by rolling out same-day deliveries from 1,500 of its stores in 47 states.

Looks like Target will have to aim for a new bullseye if they want to bounce back from all these closures.

Future of Target in the USA

To understand the future of Target in the USA with the focus on their expansion plans and strategies to retain customers and stay competitive, we will explore two key sub-sections. First, we will discuss Target’s plans for expansion, with a focus on the steps they are taking to grow their presence in the market. Then we will look at strategies employed by the company to stay ahead of their competition and keep their customers satisfied.

Expansion plans of Target in the USA

Target’s strategy for growth in the US involves opening new stores in urban markets, remodeling existing stores and expanding e-commerce capabilities. This plan is geared towards capturing new customers, increasing its market presence and improving the customer shopping experience. In addition to this, Target is also exploring potential partnerships with other retailers to enhance its offerings and drive sales. As a result, Target expects to see increased revenue and profitability in the coming years. For optimum success, Target should prioritize competitor analysis, invest in sustainable practices and focus on personalized marketing efforts based on customer data analysis.

“Keeping your customers hooked is all about making them feel like they’re cheating on you if they even think about shopping somewhere else.”

Strategies to retain customers and stay competitive

Utilizing Effective Measures to Retain Customers and Stay Ahead

To maintain the competitive edge in the retail industry, Target needs to develop effective strategies for retaining customers. Here are some proven measures they can implement:

  • Offering personalized experiences: Target can use data analytics to understand customer preferences and tailor its offerings accordingly.
  • Embracing online platforms: The retailer must provide seamless online shopping experiences, establish an easily navigable website, and include free shipping options for loyal customers.
  • Promoting brand advocacy: Engage with social media influencers and leverage social platforms to build stronger relationships with customers.

It’s vital to note that uniquely combining these measures can ensure superior customer retention while increasing engagement.

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Pro Tip – An integrated approach is key when it comes to retaining customers amid increasing competition. Embrace modern technology and continue optimizing efforts towards a seamless shopping experience.

Looks like Target’s future in the USA is as uncertain as the expiration dates on their clearance items.


This article sheds light on the number of Target stores still in operation in the USA. The retail giant has been closing stores due to various reasons, resulting in a decline in numbers. As of now, there are a considerable number of stores left across the nation.

Despite the recent closures, Target remains one of the most significant retailers in America with a presence in nearly every state. However, there has been some concern over its future as it faces fierce competition and changing consumer shopping preferences.

It is worth noting that although there have been closings, many new Target stores have been opening simultaneously, further indicating its expansion plans for the future.

The history of Target’s store closings reveals how the company has undergone significant shifts since its inception as a small Minnesota-based retail chain. Nonetheless, it has remained adaptable and continues to be a leading force in American retail today.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many Target stores are currently open in the USA?

As of 2021, there are over 1,900 Target stores operating in the United States.

2. Are more Target stores closing?

It is always possible that Target may close certain stores due to various factors such as shifting consumer demographics or economic conditions. However, there is no news of significant closures at the moment.

3. Have Target stores been impacted by the pandemic?

Like many retailers, Target stores have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the company was able to adapt quickly by expanding their online shopping and contactless pickup and delivery options.

4. Are Target stores still offering in-store shopping?

Yes, Target stores are still offering in-store shopping for customers who prefer to shop in-person. The company has implemented safety protocols such as mandatory mask-wearing, social distancing, and increased sanitation measures to protect customers and employees.

5. How do I find the closest Target store?

You can use Target's store locator tool on their website or app to find the nearest store to your location.

6. Are all Target stores the same size and carry the same products?

No, not all Target stores are identical in terms of size and product offerings. Some stores may be larger and carry a wider variety of merchandise than others, depending on the needs of the local community they serve.

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