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A lot is already known about the advantages the Internet has brought to our lives. So many things have been made easier and faster, and information has become easily accessible. Just a few clicks are enough to find out everything you’re interested in, buy what you’ve always wanted, or contact someone you haven’t seen in years.

Both individuals and companies can profit from the digital world if they use it in the right way. For example, if you are a business owner, you know that your customers today are mainly on the Internet. They use social networks, watch videos and browse the WWW through browsers. To reach them, you need an excellent digital marketing strategy.

A successful marketing campaign must be well planned and executed. Depending on your goals, capabilities, and budget, you should devise the most effective advertising plan to bring new customers and increase sales. But how will you know that your campaign is successful? Ad tracking software is a game changer, and Hyros FAQ can solve your doubts about this handy tool.

Importance of Ad Tracking

Advertising campaigns are carried out in different ways. Some prefer social networks, while others rely on email marketing. All approaches are effective for accessing clients; the only question is whether you use them correctly. Of course, there are some rules you should follow to see results.

If your campaign didn’t bring good results, you’ve probably failed at some point. Then, it’s good to know what you did wrong to correct those mistakes in time. On the other hand, if you notice an increase in parameters such as the number of conversions, clicks, or new customers, you are on the right track. And then you probably want to know what contributes to your success.

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If you perform several ad campaigns, you must know which ones are most profitable. Regardless of your marketing budget, you need to spend your money wisely. HYROS is an ad tracking software that determines which campaigns bring results. The tool provides a centralized data source and logs each transaction and click.

What HYROS Does

HYROS is a fantastic tool for tracking your advertising spend and learning more about your target audience. Not only does it help you understand which keywords and ads are working best, but it also identifies the most relevant keywords for your company’s advertising campaigns. For example, if you’re running Facebook ads or call funnels, this software can be invaluable for your efforts.

With HYROS, you can track your customer’s behavior from the first time they click on your ad to the next. By following a customer’s entire journey, this ad tracking software can show you the long-term ROI of your ad spend.

HYROS integrates with all aspects of your business. It tracks customer behavior across ten different data points, including ad campaigns, email marketing, social media, and other marketing channels. Its powerful reporting capabilities can maximize ROI from your advertising campaigns.

Collecting and Analyzing Different Data Sources

This ad tracker follows all info-marketing, including email, SMS, and other marketing channels. You can plug into each layer of your marketing funnel with a click of a button. All data is gathered in a single dashboard, so you can quickly access it. HYROS’s reports are easy to understand and provide actionable insight for better optimization.

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This tool also feeds your data to the AI of your partnering ad platforms, such as Facebook and Google. It teaches their algorithms to target the right customers and helps them convert. This way, you can see how well your ads work without spending extra money using different platforms.

HYROS provides detailed reports on your traffic, including a breakdown of each source’s profitability. It integrates with your website and various ad platforms, making it easy for you to monitor and measure your entire online presence. This feature is handy for long sales funnels, as it can track down sales, memberships, and recurring sales.

Analyze Your Audience

HYROS is a great way to track and analyze your customers’ journey across all touchpoints, from the first click to lifetime purchases. Based on that, the software will calculate their lifetime value (LTV). So you can see your ROI over time and credit up to 30% of your customers’ LTV to your adverts. Check this source for the explanation of this parameter.

One of HYROS’ most significant benefits is that it helps you better understand your audience. It highlights which keywords and content are working and gives you detailed reports showing how to personalize your marketing campaigns. HYROS also shows which ad sources are delivering a real ROI. Finally, this tool enables marketers to track ad campaign results and make informed marketing decisions based on this data.

Ease of Use

HYROS dashboard is easy to use and lets you view your results in a variety of ways. It tracks all traffic sources, matches each ad with a specific customer, and plugs into all layers of your marketing funnel. By combining all these data points, HYROS gives you complete visibility of your online presence.

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The HYROS software will help you develop a strategy for success. If you wonder whether this tool can benefit you, you can try a free demo of its software. It also provides a custom pricing quote, so you can choose a plan that suits your needs and budget. And even if you change your mind, there’s a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Although convenient and easy to use, this ad tracker is not necessary for smaller businesses. But if you’re making a 5-digit profit per month or more, you should consider using it. It’s easy to set up and only takes a few minutes to add the code to your website. Then, once it’s live, you can track your website’s traffic in real-time.

HYROS offers a wide variety of features that make it an indispensable tool for marketing. It gives you a clear insight into your advertising actions and their success. If you use other platforms, you can easily integrate them with this tracking app to increase your marketing effectiveness.

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