Tips for Content Marketing in the Beauty Industry

Brian Eugen
By Brian Eugen 4 Min Read
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The beauty industry is one of the largest and most successful trades in the business world and as a result, many new entrepreneurs are jumping on the bandwagon to fill the gap in such a competitive niche. Beauty bloggers and brands are always on the lookout to be one step ahead of their competitors in order to seek new audiences and establish growth. By offering great content to your target audience, you are starting the journey of progression to build your brand. In this guide, we’re going to look at some of the key tips to take on board for content marketing in the beauty industry.

Create a community

One of the top secrets of successful content marketing within the beauty industry is to build a community of followers and customers who have a keen interest in your brand. This may include sharing brand knowledge and experience to boost your reputation in such a crowded niche and ensuring your brand matches the goals and needs of the target market.

With this in mind, it’s critical to think about certain aspects of branding including tone of voice, aesthetic and the usage of the most suitable social media platforms to draw in consumers. Aim to inspire through useful content and topics that are of interest to this audience, whether that be a ‘How-to’ guide on creating a 1920’s Great Gatsby look using products such as Gold Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil or offering advice on the best skincare regimes. Remember, the end goal is to create content that reinforces the consumer’s relationship with your brand on a long-term basis.

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Add testimonials to your website

If your beauty brand sells products and services, it’s important to add a testimonial section onto your website where customers can leave honest reviews about the service they have received from your brand. A testimonial has one of the compelling impacts on the consumer when it comes to making a decision and taking action. Ultimately, it acts as an honest insight into what they can expect from you and could encourage them to potentially make a sale. Whenever a customer leaves a positive review about your company (whether it be down to good customer service or the quality of the product) ensure it is shared on social media and integrated within your website content to encourage others to take action.

Email marketing

Many business owners fail to acknowledge the importance of email marketing; however, it is an extremely powerful tool to persuade an already interested audience to keep up to date with your brand’s latest news. Beauty bloggers, for example, can inform subscribers of their most recent blog and how to access it, while brands can inform of new products and services. Build a newsletter subscriber list by adding a link to your homepage and ensure content is personalized by using the subscriber’s name and constructing the message around their personal needs and interests. Include links to your social media channels before finishing the email with a call to action.

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