Top Campaign Ideas For Charites You Should Know

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When trying to raise funds for a specific cause, many charities or non-profit organizations launch campaigns to build attention, boost awareness, and help people better understand what they’re trying to raise money for.

You can campaign on multiple channels, be it radio, online, in person by giving out flyers, and even through TV adverts and interviews if your non-profit has the budget and reputation. But when you’re on those channels, what do you do?

Here’s a look at some campaign ideas for charities!

SMS Raffles

Raffles have been a go-to fundraising idea for charities. However, with technological advancements, you can now supercharge your raffles and perform them over text.

This allows you to reach a wider range of potential donors, as you can send these SMS raffles to far more people than you could get to an in-person event.

Organizing an SMS raffle is simple and very similar to traditional ones. First, you send out your original SMS detailing the prizes, what the funds go towards, and how much a ticket is. The recipient can then respond with how many tickets they want, and then through that text, they’ll be charged the corresponding amount that’s added to their phone bill.

If you don’t fancy running an SMS raffle campaign, there are other types of text marketing for non-profits you can try.

Online streams

During the pandemic, many organizations took to livestreaming to help them raise funds and build a campaign. For example, many zoos set up 24-hour streams of their enclosures and allowed people to make donations to the zoo while they watched.

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Your charity and non-profit can do something similar and host a livestream where people can watch and also interact through donations. A good idea is to get a guest that’s relevant to your non-profit in for an interview. People can then donate on the chat for the privilege of asking them a question.

Your charity can also livestream challenges, like 24-hour gameathons or interactive quizzes. You don’t even have to livestream yourself. Instead, the campaign can be focused on getting people to livestream and then send their earnings to the non-profit. When implementing a live chat campaign, the options are endless, so have fun with it.

Create an event

A great way to launch awareness, support, and build funds is to create a campaign all around an event, such as a festival, charity sports match, or something fun and communal.

When you create an event, you give people something to go to and engage with, building excitement and also providing a potential revenue stream.

Creating an event as a charity is expensive and requires a lot of work, but if it goes well, it can be lucrative, boost awareness, and provide the local community with something fun to engage in.


A campaign can make or break a non-profit. If you strike gold and create a campaign that catches off and brings in more donors, then you will be able to raise more money and help more people. Think carefully of the campaign you want to create and have fun setting it up and marketing it for your non-profit.

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