Top 10 Commercial Kitchen Trends of 2022

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The foodservice industry recently battled a slump due to the pandemic in 2020. The times are uncertain, and one can expect restaurants and commercial kitchens to face the problems head-on presented by the pandemic. These commercial businesses are now facing these challenges head-on and adapting to changes with some new changes. They would have to align with new trends in commercial kitchen design.

With the industry managing it better in 2021, it is time to look for the best trends that would dictate the commercial kitchen this year!

Flexibility in equipment.

The food service industry has shown how resilient it can be to be flexible and specific in aligning with the situation. Restaurants and commercial establishments are relying on the flexibility of the equipment to get them to profitability.

Multi-functional appliances are the need of the hour to show awareness of sustainability and the need to balance utility costs. Moreover, in the changing work environment, one can expect flexibility in every sphere of operation for commercial kitchens.

Compact design.

Caterers now rely on limited commercial kitchen equipment and supplies to manage with lesser bills and less space over the past year. Commercial kitchen trends dictate the need for different designs and structures to ensure that the kitchen is compact and easy to operate. The kitchen units are organized through innovation with specific islands for different needs, balanced by segregated cooking sections.

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Importance of hygiene.

Hygiene is a huge priority for commercial kitchen operators this year due to the pandemic and its spread concerns. As a result, companies now demand hygiene information about dishwashing, food waste handling, use of masks and gloves, temperature checks, sanitization of hands, disinfectants on the kitchen platform, and use of facial shields.

Focus on food safety.

Food safety is now a more serious issue; hence commercial kitchen trends in 2021 focus on caution about the storage, processing, and distribution of food through the kitchen space. Commercial establishments are taking essential steps to avoid cross-contamination and keep the food safe from bacteria and viruses.

The food packaging and the food to be dispatched should be taken properly, right from its setup and exit from the commercial kitchen. Restaurants and catering units will ensure the food isn’t exposed to contaminants in any way and that the packaging ensures that the food is fresh to eat.

A smart kitchen pantry

Commercial kitchens supplies will need a smart kitchen pantry for butlers and chefs, reserving extra space for different purposes. The kitchens can make these pantries a truly multi-functional space by using the cabinets efficiently and using the pantry to store all kinds of products in an arranged manner.

Luxurious, modern details.

Now the restaurants can also add some luxurious, modern details that blend utility and abundance. The streamlined kitchens with gantries are extremely popular now as they display unique kitchen utensils and cutlery with minimal clean-lined kitchens. The kitchen designers propose new and clever ways to integrate appliances in cupboards to opt for a cool, uniform look.

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Classic designs.

The provision of outdoor dining and takeaway options in restaurants addresses key challenges that have enhanced kitchen operations in recent times. With the classic designs in place and several space-saving ideas, the kitchens also arise in outdoor areas. As a result, operators are looking for cooking equipment that blends well with a classic kitchen design and could multi-task effectively.

Natural materials.

With green technology really in vogue, kitchen design is now evolving by incorporating several trends of going green. Commercial kitchens are also trying to save on fuel usage and opting for less gas consumption for food preparations, using alternative renewable energy when they can. Going green saves on long-term expenses too.

Downdraft extraction system.

These downdraft extraction systems remain popular for high-end kitchens, and other commercial establishments are now using them as they become more affordable. Downdraft extractors are great to have when stovetops are placed on island benches. The units could choose open-plan living areas with an overhead extractor bulkhead that fit in place with minimal kitchens.

Storage solutions

If the kitchen has low space options, using a pull-out pantry is a great option. The pull-out cabinets and pantry units are literal space-savers. But plan them out properly and account for all kinds of storage items, including different-sized food products and their cans. Use custom labels and storage containers to make this well-organized too!

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