Top 3 Spy Apps to Monitor Smartphones Covertly

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Parental control apps are becoming increasingly important in this age of digitization. According to Techtimes, a growing number of people are searching for hidden Android and iPhone spying apps on Google.

The fact remains that parents are conscious of their kids’ activities online as much as employers want to monitor their employees. Whatever the need, while working silently, smartphone spying apps help people to meet their monitoring objectives.

As a business manager or a solicitous parent, you want to monitor the targeted Android or iOS devices while keeping costs low. Your ultimate goal is to increase the efficiency of your employers or kids; therefore, it is vital to invest in a smartphone spying application that offers the most advanced features along with affordable plans.

This post specifically proliferates about the top 3 spying apps for boosting your productivity in the corporate sector or keeping an eye on your kids. The advice here will help you to decide which spying app to choose while keeping your budget in check!

What Does a Spying App Do?

In case you don’t yet have any idea about the benefit of having a spying app, a mobile phone spying application track all tasks or functions performed on a targeted device. From social media to incoming calls to SMS, the top spying apps provide advanced tracking features to monitor any user.

Is it Unethical to Use a Spy App?

Even though the word “spy” makes many kids and employees apprehensive, there is nothing illegal about using such helpful apps with user consent to ensure your best people are on the right track. Depending on your family or organizational needs, you can choose the best app to improve your decision-making process.

Bear in mind that using any smartphone app for malicious reasons is unethical for both parents and employers. As a parent, you should never use a phone spying app for the wrong reasons or just to have fun. Moreover, before spying on target users above 18, you must take their consent and follow the applicable laws in your state.

Moreover, depending on the app, you may or may not need to access the target device physically. That means remotely installing apps on your kids’ phones requires care to take them into confidence.

To put it another way, there are different reasons for different people to use a spying app. Since using such an app is inevitable in today’s dangerous digital environment, for whatever reason, you must use a spying tool responsibly to avoid legal issues.

Top 3 Spying Apps for Android/iOS

see which one shines brightest to ultimately help you achieve your family or business goals.


When it comes to buying the best smartphone monitoring app that tracks all activities of your children and employees covertly, Xnspy stands out from the crowd in terms of its unique selling propositions.

In the following paragraphs, you will see how Xnspy has become the world’s leading spying app and how it improves people’s lives.

Unlike many costly and featureless apps available online, Xnspy allows people to monitor both the online and telephonic activities of their loved ones and employees. A range of advanced and unique features in one single tool is rare in any other app.

This is what makes Xnspy truly distinctive for parents and employers. For example, take a look at these features of Xnspy and measure its worth.

  • Ease of Installation 

Xnspy installs without any hassle on an iPhone or Android device. The app allows you to follow a simple three-step process. All you need to do is to:

  1. Subscribe to a plan
  2. Download the software
  3. Install the software

You are then ready to activate the device and set it up. Within 10 minutes, you are ready to access the dashboard and all the advanced features of the world’s leading spying app.

  • Design and Stealth Mode Functionality 

Xnspy is perfect for running in stealth mode. That means once activated on a targeted device, the app disappears and works as an undercover detective. The monitored users cannot suspect their device being controlled remotely in the background.

You can use the free demo app available on the official website before you can subscribe to a plan. The brilliant features allow employers to prevent espionage at their workplaces. It also helps parents to save time wasted in tracking their kids.

  • Web Interface 

To access all the beneficial features of the top-rated app, the web interface makes it easy for you to get into your personal account. With a single click, all the features appear on your dashboard for easy monitoring.

Advanced Features 

  • Access to emails via Gmail app
  • Access to call logs
  • Access to IM chats
  • Access to multimedia files
  • WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Facebook Messenger access
  • Remote blocking of unwanted apps
  • GPS location tracking and Geofencing
  • Check browsing history
  • Record phone calls
  • Record surrounding voices/sounds
  • And much more
  • The Price Factor 

Yes, the app only costs as much as $4.99/month for the Basic Edition and $7.49/month for the Premium Plan.

#2 SpyBubble

SpyBubble is another top spying app to keep a tab on Android and iOS devices. The app comes with many useful features.

The app is great for marketing professionals using macOS or Windows. You can record all employees’ information and access it via your online account.

Despite having a trial period of 3 days, the users cannot have some advanced features like keylogger and GPS. The app also drains the battery of the target user’s phone that may allow them to sense the presence of a spying app.

Moreover, the “priority services” customer support is also not free. Hence, users need to pay a small fee for getting instant support. The price tag is also high at $24.95/month.

#3 FlexiSpy

If you want an advanced and expensive Android or iOS monitoring app for your business or kids, then go for FlexiSpy.

The popular app provides all the intuitive features such as:

  • Call recording and monitoring
  • Social media access
  • Record environmental sounds
  • Geofencing and GPS
  • Keylogger

The verdict goes in favor of FlexiSpy when you are ready for an expensive smartphone spying experience. Conversely, such advanced features are costly for budget-oriented buyers with Lite Edition at $29.95/month, Premium Edition at $68/month, and extreme at $199/month.

The Final Verdict

After significant research and experience, we have concluded that the best spying app that can cost-effectively serve all your monitoring purposes is XNSPY. Besides, the No.1 app does not create a hole in your pocket compared to other top-rated apps. The app caters to all your employee and kid monitoring needs at an unbeatable price.

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