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Working remotely is becoming much more common, which means that companies are forced to adapt their work processes to accommodate remote workers. It has many advantages like being a cost-effective solution, enabling businesses to access a wide pool of talent, and tapping into the ability of workers to work from anywhere. However, it also has its challenges which companies need to deal with to fully make use of the opportunities that working remotely offers.

As it turns out, there are quite a few tech solutions that can revolutionize the way people work. So, in this article, we will take a look at some of them.

Simultaneous Interpretation Apps

Even though the English language has become a universal means of communication in business, sometimes it’s still beneficial to have solutions that support different languages only because not everyone is fluent enough in English. This is where remote simultaneous interpretation apps come in handy as they enable remote teams to communicate more efficiently no matter what dialect workers speak. The best thing about these types of apps is that they’re very affordable and easy to use even if you don’t have any previous experience with things like this. They can be especially useful for virtual meetings with people from different countries, so if you are part of the multi-cultural workforce, this might be the right solution for you.

CRM Software

CRM software is one of the most useful solutions that enable companies to take advantage of their remote work. CRM systems are intended to help businesses manage their customer relations, but sometimes they can create a great solution for internal communication as well. With CRMs, it is possible to store all contacts and communication history in one place, which makes it easy for remote teams to stay organized and on top of things even when they’re miles apart. Also, with features like automatic reminders and lead scoring, they make sure that customer relations management becomes much more efficient regardless of location. There are plenty of CRMs on the market right now, so finding a solution that fits your needs shouldn’t be a problem.

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Online Collaboration Tools

Even if you have a dedicated team working from different places, sometimes it might not be enough to simply hope for the best and assume that everything will go according to plan without any issues. This is where online project management software comes in handy as it brings remote teams together by enabling them to communicate more effectively and share work-related documents much more conveniently than emailing files back and forth. Plus, with real-time updates about what’s going on, remote workers always feel like they’re involved in the project as much as those who sit in the same office. There are also live chat features included that enable remote teams to “meet” now and then, even if they are in different countries.

Video Conferencing

While it might not be possible to hold meetings with your entire team at once, video conferencing is a great tool that enables you to discuss project updates one-on-one or in small groups no matter where each person is located. With tools like Skype and Google Hangouts, video conferencing has never been easier or more affordable than it is right now. However, it takes some time to get used to this new level of communication so some companies plan regular sessions where employees can practice having virtual conversations without being too nervous about doing it for the first time. This way, they quickly learn how to use video conferencing efficiently which makes future conversations just as easy.

Group Chat Apps

In addition to video conferencing, group chat apps also have a significant role when it comes to working remotely. These tools enable remote teams to communicate even in the middle of the night which is especially useful for 24/7 businesses and those with non-stop deadlines. There are many types of group chat apps available on the market right now, but one of the most popular solutions is Slack. With its growing number of integrations and features like message archives, file sharing, and dedicated channels for different projects, Slack enables users to do more without having to switch back and forth between several apps at once. Since it’s extremely user-friendly, group chat apps like Slack are a great way to gradually transform a company whose employees are used to communicating via email into a group of remote workers that communicate much more efficiently.

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Online Scheduling And Time Tracking Apps

Another useful thing that can help companies improve communication between team members who are not in the same location is online scheduling and time tracking apps. While these tools have been created mostly with freelancers in mind, businesses without a central office could find them very useful as well. With such apps, you can keep track of time spent on specific tasks and deadlines which makes it easier to coordinate work hours and make sure everyone is working at their maximum potential without any distractions. Additionally, it is much easier to make sure that there is no overlap between work hours which can be especially beneficial for businesses with workers who are not employed full-time.

Video And File Sharing Apps

Aside from having a group chat and video conferencing app, remote teams also need solutions that enable them to share files and work-related videos easily. A great example of such an app is Dropbox as it allows users to upload any type of file and send those links over to anyone on the team without installing additional software or plugins which makes this process as easy as it gets. This way, everyone can access all necessary documents no matter where they are. Another useful thing about Dropbox is that it allows users to create a special folder on the team’s shared drive where everyone can deposit their files. This way, no one will be missing out on important information and everyone from the marketing department to sales managers will have access to all relevant documents right away.

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Choosing what works best for your company comes down to understanding exactly what kind of problems need to be solved. In this case, you don’t have to use all of these solutions as they are designed for different types of tasks and workers. However, you should keep in mind that adding new tools to your business can make a huge difference especially if they help solve some important problems like those presented above. So,  if you’re looking forward to improving communication between your employees and turning them into a more productive remote team, these solutions are worth checking out.

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