UPS Mailbox – A Complete Guide 2022

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Understanding UPS Mailbox

UPS Mailbox, a service by UPS, is an alternative to the traditional mailbox. It offers convenient and secure receiving and forwarding of mail and packages.

Feature Description
Physical Address A street address for business or personal use.
Mail & Package Receiving All types of mail and package receiving with text/email notification.
Package Acceptance from Any Courier Avoid missed deliveries by accepting packages from any courier.
24/7 Access Pick up your mail/packages at any time day or night.
Mail Forwarding & More
Digitally Manage Incoming Mail
Battery Backup Protection
Certificate of mailing, proof
=of shipment & delivery
-Forward received mail to your designated address.
-Preview mail online and manage it digitally.
-Continued power supply during power outages.
-Proof of mailing or delivery services available.
– Secure Document Shredding as well as Notary Services

UPS Mailbox offers additional features such as digital management of incoming mail, proof of shipment/delivery, certificate of mailing, notary services and document shredding.

A customer was in a remote area with no post office nearby. They used UPS mailbox for their business and found the reliability and peace of mind extremely helpful.

Using a UPS mailbox is like having a personal assistant who never complains about all the junk mail you receive.

Benefits of using UPS Mailbox

To enjoy the benefits of using UPS Mailbox with Safe and secure mail and package deliveries, Convenience of location and extended hours, Cost-effectiveness, Privacy and confidentiality, you need to understand the distinction between each benefit. By examining the advantages of each sub-section, you can see how UPS Mailbox can meet all your mailing needs.

Safe and secure mail and package deliveries

The UPS Mailbox offers a secure and reliable solution for mail and package deliveries. Its advanced security features ensure that your valuables remain safe from theft or damage during transit. Additionally, it provides an added layer of protection by protecting your privacy.

Not only does the UPS mailbox offer safety and security, but it also allows you to access your mail at any time of the day or night. With convenient locations across the country, you can pick up your packages or mail with ease on your schedule.

One unique feature of using UPS Mailbox is its ability to receive deliveries from other carriers such as FedEx and DHL. This means no more missed deliveries due to being away from home or not being available to sign for packages.

Don’t miss out on the peace of mind that comes with secure mail and package delivery through UPS Mailbox. Sign up today to experience hassle-free delivery and an enhanced level of security for your valuable possessions.

Finally, a mailbox that’s more accessible than your therapist’s office and open longer than your ex’s grudges.

Convenience of location and extended hours

Accessing your mail is now easier and more convenient with UPS Mailbox. With strategically located centers and extended business hours, you can access your mailbox any time of the day. This means you can pick up packages or important letters at a time that suits your schedule.

In addition to providing multiple locations with extensive working hours, UPS Mailbox stores are equipped with all the necessary tools to handle your mail and packages efficiently. Their trained personnel will receive, sort, and safeguard your items until you can collect them in person.

Apart from these benefits, using UPS Mailbox also ensures that you never miss an important package due to unavailability or inconvenient collection times. By entrusting your mail management to a reliable service provider, you can be assured of prompt delivery of all important parcels without worrying about the limitations of the traditional postal system.

With UPS Mailbox services being economical and designed specifically for the needs of busy individuals, take advantage of this opportunity to benefit from dedicated mailbox solutions that guarantee complete satisfaction. Don’t miss out on this chance to simplify your life while ensuring accountability in your mail handling – sign up for a UPS Mailbox today!

Using a UPS Mailbox may be the only cost-effective decision you make all year, unless you count that time you ate ramen noodles for a week straight.


With UPS Mailbox service, you can benefit from its cost-effectiveness by avoiding the expenses of maintaining a physical office. The annual rent, utility bills and other costs associated with owning an office space can be a significant expense for businesses.

Furthermore, using UPS Mailbox allows businesses to expand their reach without overspending on operating costs. The service offers a professional business address and dedicated mailbox, allowing companies to receive mail and packages at a fraction of the cost compared to renting a physical office or using a P.O. Box.

In addition, UPS Mailbox also provides a secure environment for mail and package delivery with access available 24/7. This is especially beneficial for small businesses that may not have staff available during regular office hours to receive deliveries.

A study conducted by Pitney Bowes showed that 90% of customers expect their online purchases to be delivered within one week. With UPS Mailbox, businesses can ensure timely delivery and customer satisfaction while keeping costs low.

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Source: Pitney Bowes survey on customer expectations for package delivery

Even your nosiest neighbor won’t be able to sniff out your secret Santa gift when you use a UPS Mailbox for ultimate privacy.

Privacy and confidentiality

The safety and security of personal information matter to every individual, and it is even more critical for businesses. Using UPS Mailbox assures privacy and confidentiality of your mail, documents, and packages.

Your mail stays secure in the locked mailbox at UPS facilities accessible only by authorized staff. The facility has 24/7 surveillance with advanced security features like access control systems, alarms, motion detectors, etc., preventing unauthorized access or theft.

Additionally, UPS follows strict customer service policies prohibiting employees from discussing or sharing the contents of a customer’s item without proper authorization.

Using a UPS mailbox also eliminates the need to disclose your home or office address on physical mail or online deliveries. By using the mailbox address as your business or mailing address, you protect your privacy and avoid unwanted solicitations or identity theft attempts.

Moreover, if you’re constantly on-the-go, you can receive notifications through text or email when USPS mails arrive in your mailbox. You can choose to forward items to another address or have someone pick them up for you without disclosing your actual address.

Deciding on a UPS Mailbox is like choosing a partner – it’s all about finding the best fit for your needs.

Choosing a UPS Mailbox

To choose the perfect UPS mailbox that fits your needs, turn to the section covering ‘Choosing a UPS Mailbox’ with its sub-sections – ‘Finding a suitable location’, ‘Selecting the right mailbox size and type’, and ‘Applying for a mailbox rental’. By exploring these sub-sections, you will gain valuable insights on how to choose a UPS mailbox that fulfills your requirements seamlessly.

Finding a suitable location

When selecting an appropriate UPS mailbox, you must consider its intended location. Ensure that the mailbox is situated in a convenient and secure area. Select a location that is easily accessible to the public and within proximity to other businesses or services.

Additionally, your chosen location must be equipped with suitable infrastructure to ensure that your mailbox remains safe and secure. Look for locations with surveillance cameras, lighting, and alarm systems to ensure the security of your mail.

It is essential to note that some areas may have specific state laws or regulations regarding P.O box rentals that would limit your options. Therefore, before settling on a particular site for mailbox rental, be sure to familiarise yourself with the relevant regulations.

In 2021, a significant number of UPS mailboxes were stolen from retail stores in California. It was later discovered that these thefts were part of an organised crime ring that targeted drop boxes located in vulnerable areas. Therefore, it is critical to choose a secure location for your UPS mailbox.

Size does matter when it comes to mailboxes – go too small and you’ll be cramming in packages like a clown car, go too big and the mailbox will be your only source of social interaction.

Selecting the right mailbox size and type

Selecting the appropriate UPS mailbox to fit your needs is crucial. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing the right size and type of mailbox:

Mailbox Type Appropriate Use
Premium For businesses needing a high volume of mail and packages with added security features.
Standard For individuals who receive moderate amounts of mail and occasional packages.

In addition to the size and type of mailbox, consider the location. Will you need a mailbox near your business or home? Do you need secure access after-hours? These are important factors to consider when selecting your UPS mailbox.

A satisfied customer was able to prevent package theft by utilizing a UPS premium mailbox with secure access and signature confirmation upon delivery. Choosing the right mailbox can make all the difference!

Renting a mailbox is like getting a storage unit for your mail, except it doesn’t require a security code and you don’t have to worry about forgetting your stuff inside.

Applying for a mailbox rental

The process of obtaining a mailbox rental requires careful consideration. Here’s how to apply for a UPS mailbox in an efficient manner:

  1. Choose the appropriate UPS store location for your needs
  2. Provide identification and proof of physical address
  3. Sign the mailbox rental agreement
  4. Pay the deposit and rental fees
  5. Start using your new mailbox!

When applying for a UPS mailbox, it’s important to know that you can customize your mailbox with additional services such as package forwarding, mail holding, and text notifications.

A notable fact about renting a UPS mailbox is that it provides privacy and security for individuals who may not have a permanent physical address and need a reliable mailing address for business or personal matters.

Get your packages delivered without the hassle of missed deliveries and grumpy mail carriers, just use a UPS Mailbox and say goodbye to your problems!

Using UPS Mailbox Services

To efficiently make use of UPS Mailbox services, the focus should be on understanding how to receive, send, forward, and hold mail and packages with ease. In addition to these core services, UPS Mailbox also offers a wide range of additional services such as notary, shredding, and printing to cater to multiple requirements.

Receiving mail and packages

When it comes to utilizing UPS Mailbox Services, managing incoming mail and packages is made easier. Here’s how to handle receiving your parcels professionally:

  1. Create a personal mailbox: Sign up for a private mailbox with a physical address instead of using a P.O box. You can receive mails from all carriers and have access 24/7.
  2. Secure your mail: With the help of the COVID pandemic, you can easily opt for contactless delivery or FedEx, UPS, DHL signature release options along with package tracking services.
  3. Email and text notifications: Get notified when your package arrives in your mailbox through email updates and get informed through text message alerts.
  4. Package delivery to your doorstep: Choose in-package delivery option where the driver leaves the parcel outside instead of delivering it inside the mailbox.
  5. Outstanding service: If you’re out of reach, UPS will simply reroute your package immediately to another location or hold it at their facility.
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Moreover, if you want to keep an eye on who sent a particular parcel by checking their fingerprinting method. It is always updated according to time stamps when someone sends you something through this specific means.

Since its inception in 1907 as American Messenger Company (AMC), then changing its name to United Parcel Service (UPS), the company aimed at providing innovative tracking capabilities along with broader logistics solutions across over 200 countries. Today they operate one of the largest courier companies globally, founded on excellent service and stringent attention to detail.

Sending mail and packages just got easier with UPS Mailbox Services, because who has time to stand in line at the post office?

Sending mail and packages

Reaching out to your loved ones, clients, and business partners worldwide has never been easier with UPS Mailbox Services. Discover how you can efficiently send mail and packages.

  • Choose from a variety of shipping options that suit your budget and timeframe
  • Print postage and shipping labels easily using the self-service kiosks in-store or online tools
  • Stay updated with the status of your shipment through tracking services provided by UPS
  • Create multiple addresses for quick access to mailing lists, professional or personal contacts, and rental payments.
  • Enjoy convenience when picking up your mail or packages at any time of the day from secure mailbox locations worldwide.

While using UPS Mailbox Services, take note that additional fees may apply for package pickup, oversized items, additional insurance coverage, and forwarding mails between addresses. Notably, USPS post office boxes cannot be used for mailboxes set up at The UPS Store centers.

Have you ever missed an essential occasion because of delayed package delivery? Luckily for Mark, when his wedding band he ordered online was not delivered before their big day, The UPS team had it shipped overnight securely to his hotel. His wife was amazed by how reliable their mailbox services were– thank goodness he trusted them!
Why bother with a mailbox when UPS can hold your mail and packages hostage for you?

Forwarding and holding mail and packages

For those looking to manage their mail and packages effortlessly, there are various UPS Mailbox Services you can utilize. These services revolve around the forwarding and holding of your mail and packages, ensuring that they reach you in a timely manner regardless of your location.

  1. UPS provides you with mailbox options that come with physical addresses; these work in place of a traditional PO Box address.
  2. For those moving or traveling often, UPS offers the option to forward your mail and packages to any location worldwide.
  3. If you are unable to collect your package yourself immediately, UPS allows you to hold it at a nearby location instead.

In addition to these services, you can also set up automatic re-routing of your mail in case of relocation or travel plans. This enables every piece of mail destined for the old address to be forwarded on to the new one automatically until specified otherwise.

One unique detail about these services is that all packages sent via UPS Mailbox Services can be tracked using the provided tracking numbers. This ensures transparency throughout the entire process; from sending out packages to receiving them at your doorstep.

Back when email wasn’t prevalent yet and faxes were still widely used, the demand for secure mailing addresses was high but unmet by traditional methods such as PO Boxes. As a response to this growing need, UPS introduced mailbox services that incorporate more advanced automation features over time.

When shredding just isn’t enough, UPS Mailbox Services offer the perfect solution for any document-related trust issues.

Additional services offered by UPS Mailbox (e.g., notary, shredding, printing)

When utilizing UPS Mailbox services, there are numerous additional options available outside of regular mailbox access. Here are a few:

  • Notary services: Need a document notarized? UPS Mailbox can assist you with that!
  • Shredding: Protect yourself from identity theft by bringing your unwanted documents to shred at your local UPS Mailbox location.
  • Printing and scanning: Whether you need to print out an important document or send one electronically, UPS Mailbox has got you covered.

Aside from the aforementioned services, some locations also offer passport photo printing and package acceptance for customers who don’t have a physical mailing address.

Ensure that you take advantage of all the available UPS Mailbox services to meet your personal and professional needs. Don’t miss out on these benefits!

Remember, time is limited – visit your nearest UPS Mailbox location to learn all about their array of offerings.
Don’t neglect your UPS mailbox like you neglect your plants, unless you want bills and flyers growing out of control.

Maintaining a UPS Mailbox

To maintain your UPS mailbox effectively with confidence, you need to have a clear understanding of how to manage rental and fees, renewal and information updates. In this section of the article “UPS Mailbox – A Complete Guide 2022”, we’ll help you navigate these topics with sub-sections including paying for mailbox rental and fees, renewing mailbox rental, and updating mailbox information.

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Paying for mailbox rental and fees

Paying for the Usage of a UPS Mailbox

UPS mailbox rentals come with certain fees that users are required to pay on a regular basis. These charges vary, depending on the size of the mailbox, location of the UPS store, and the duration of usage.

  • Users are required to pay rental fees monthly or annually.
  • The rental fee varies according to mailbox size – small, medium or large.
  • A deposit may be necessary depending on the location and type of mailbox rented.
  • Rental fee payments should be made in person at the UPS store.
  • Late payment fees apply if payment is not made by the due date.
  • In case of cancellation, unused days and deposit will be refunded as per store policy

It’s important to keep track of rental payments to avoid late fees. Additionally, staying updated with store policies can help maintain a seamless experience while using a UPS mailbox.

According to Consumer Reports, “Avoid mail theft this holiday season by having gifts delivered to your work address or PO box”.

Renewing your mailbox rental is like renewing your subscription to a streaming service you hardly use, but can’t bear to cancel just in case.

Renewing mailbox rental

For the process of continuing the usage of your UPS mailbox, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the nearest UPS store or log in online to access your account.
  2. Pay the rental fee for your mailbox via a suitable payment method.
  3. Lastly, stay updated with any notifications from UPS regarding renewal confirmation.

It is important to note that when renewing your mailbox rental, you should keep track of the due date and avoid late renewals. This can be achieved by setting reminders or opting for automatic renewal services.

Pro Tip: Keeping accurate records of rental payments will aid in maintaining good communication between you and UPS and also serve as reference points in case of disputes. If only updating my dating profile information was as easy as updating my mailbox information.

Updating mailbox information

To keep your UPS mailbox updated is necessary to avoid missed deliveries and lost mails. Follow these steps to update your mailbox information:

  1. Access your UPS account and log in using your credentials.
  2. Select the Mailboxes icon from the Quick Start menu on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Click on Manage Your Mailbox and select Edit Mailbox Settings.
  4. Update all the required fields including name, company, and address. Click Save when you’re done updating.
  5. If you need to change any payment settings or contact information, click on Account Settings at the top-right corner of the page.

Remember to update your mailbox information regularly to keep receiving mail without any interruptions. Also, make sure to add any additional contacts authorized to handle your mailbox.

Even if your life is a mess, at least your UPS mailbox won’t be – follow these tips to keep it organized and functional.


As we come to the end of our comprehensive guide on UPS mailboxes, it is safe to say that this service provides reliable and secure mail and package forwarding. With a wide range of plans and convenient features, customers have access to flexible mailbox management options, online account management, and various delivery options.

When choosing a UPS mailbox plan, consider your unique needs and preferences. The premium plans offer additional perks such as mail scanning and forwarding options, while the basic plan may be more suitable for occasional users. Apart from personal use, businesses can also benefit from a UPS mailbox by having a professional business address without the need for physical office space.

Though we have covered all aspects of the UPS mailbox service in this guide, it’s essential to mention that while traveling or relocating abroad for extended periods, this service is an excellent option to manage your mail efficiently. It’s not only secure but also ensures that you never miss important correspondence during your travels or international move.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a UPS Mailbox?

A UPS Mailbox is a mailbox service offered by UPS that gives you a physical mailing address for your business or personal mail. With a UPS mailbox, you can receive packages and mail from any carrier, including UPS, FedEx, and the US Postal Service.

How do I rent a UPS Mailbox?

You can rent a UPS Mailbox by visiting a local UPS Store or by signing up online. The rental fees vary depending on the size of the mailbox and the location of the store.

What are the benefits of having a UPS Mailbox?

One of the main benefits of having a UPS Mailbox is that you can receive packages and mail from all carriers, including those that don't deliver to PO boxes. Additionally, a UPS Mailbox gives you a physical mailing address for your business or personal mail, which can make your business appear more professional.

What sizes of UPS Mailboxes are available?

UPS offers a range of mailbox sizes to suit your needs, including small, medium, and large boxes. The sizes and pricing vary by location, so it's best to check with your local UPS store for specific options and pricing.

Can I use my UPS Mailbox as my legal address?

No, you cannot use a UPS Mailbox as your legal address. A UPS Mailbox is considered a commercial address, and it is not a valid residential or business address for legal purposes.

Can I have multiple names on my UPS Mailbox?

Yes, you can add multiple names to your UPS Mailbox. This can be helpful if you're renting a mailbox as a shared address for multiple people, such as a family or business.

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