How to Use Microsoft 365 To Create A Modern Workplace

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The modern workplace is changing at an incredibly fast pace. Gone are the days when employees had to assemble in the office to have a meeting.

The modern workplace now comes with brand new business models, distributed teams, and unfortunately complex security issues.

But with the right digital tools, employees can connect from anywhere around the world. These tools facilitate increased collaboration, productivity, and engagement. An excellent example of these tools is Microsoft 365.

In this article, we will explore how you can use Microsoft 365 to create a modern workplace and take your business to the next level.

Let’s dive in!

Low-Code App Development

One of the quickest ways to take your business to the next level is by developing customized apps to automate some aspects of your business. Luckily, this is possible with a setup like PowerApps for Office 365.

This combo allows you to build apps according to your business requirements without coding or even having a deep understanding of app development.

The advantage of using PowerApps over most other low-code frameworks is that apps built this way come with responsive design. This means they are able to run seamlessly on different browsers and mobile devices.

There are four main types of apps that you can develop for your business using this development framework: model-driven apps, canvas apps, PowerApps portal, and database. The type of Powerapps you choose is greatly determined by your specific business needs.

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For any business to thrive, teamwork is crucial. Microsoft 365 enables you to bring your employees together and build a culture of collaboration that enhances productivity.

The good news is that your employees don’t have to be all at the same place. Microsoft 365 makes it possible for employees to meet from anywhere across the world.

Using Microsoft Teams, employees can connect and access conversations, files, and apps. Moreover, they can edit and leave comments in real-time which creates an efficient environment for productive work.

Intelligence Security

With cyber-attacks on the rise, the last thing you want is to be lax about the safety of your business online. According to recent research, 43% of cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses. This is probably because only a mere 14% of these businesses are prepared to handle such attacks.

Microsoft Intune, a feature in Microsoft 365, is the perfect tool to protect your business against cyber-attacks. Intune makes it possible for you to control who has access to corporate resources while still maintaining employees’ privacy.

Further, this tool helps you create comprehensive conditional access policies that restrict access to data based on user, location, and device. You can remotely wipe out access from any device to prevent employees who leave your business from still having access to your business information.

Another brilliant feature of Microsoft intune is that it helps you create passwords that comply with certain complex requirements. Microsoft intune will give you peace of mind as you will rest assured that your data is safe.

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Multi-Device Usage

Multi-device usage is a crucial step to take to increase your employees’ productivity and ease of access. Microsoft 365 makes it possible for employees to work from anywhere using any device.

No need to be in the office or rush to a WIFI hotspot. If you are traveling, you can still have access to emails and work documents from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Cost Efficiency

One of the greatest advantages of Microsoft 365 is that you don’t need complex or specialized equipment to set it up. This makes it suitable for any type of business.

Whether you are a startup or a big business on a budget, Microsoft 365 pay-as-you-go pricing system gives you flexibility and predictability.

Moreover, Microsoft 365 enables you to provide users with only the needed services which cost-effectively adds value to your business.

Enhanced Business Image

Microsoft 365 makes your business stand out. The professional but easy-to-use features tell your customers that you are invested in your business. You can use this suite to create a website and custom domain name in a matter of minutes.


Ready to take your business to the next level by improving your employees’ productivity while enhancing your business image? Choose Microsoft 365 today.

This toolset allows you to build apps with little or no coding knowledge, have your employees work from anywhere, and boost customer experience.

There are various subscriptions to choose from with the most popular one being the Microsoft 365 business premium. This subscription has all familiar office 365 features plus additional premium features.

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Be sure to take full advantage of all the in-built features in Microsoft 365 for an enhanced experience. Good luck!

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