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Have you ever wondered what happened to Venom Energy Drink? This energy drink, hailing from the United States, has had quite the journey. Manufactured and distributed by Keurig Dr. Pepper in Plano, Texas, Venom made a mark in the energy drink market. It’s particularly known for its distinctive thick aluminum container, which set it apart from many other drinks.

Venom Energy first hit the shelves in 2002, originally packaged in a traditional beverage container. But in 2008, it reinvented itself. That year, not only did Venom transition into a new aluminum bottle, but it also introduced a unique flavor. This was a significant change from its earlier days.

Interestingly, Venom Energy wasn’t always known by this name. Its original avatar was as ‘Elements Energy’. However, as times changed, so did the preferences of its consumers. Facing a decline in sales, the brand decided to reinvent itself, adopting the new name ‘Venom’.

Even after the rebranding, some of the classic flavors from the Elements Energy era survived. These included fan favorites like Black Mamba (rebranded as Venom), Mango [Infusion], Citrus [Voltage], Strawberry Apple [Atomic], Black Cherry Kiwi, and Strawberry Apple [Subzero]. These flavors carried the legacy of the original brand into its new era.

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Why is Venom Energy Drink Discontinued? 

Dispelling the Myth: Venom Energy Drink is Not Discontinued

There’s a bit of a rumor going around that Venom Energy Drink has been discontinued. Let’s set the record straight: this is not true. In fact, Venom is very much available and continues to be a popular choice among energy drink enthusiasts. You can find it being served in restaurants and stores, enjoyed by people who love a good energy boost.

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What Makes Venom Special?

So, what’s in this energizing drink? Venom Energy packs a punch with large amounts of taurine and glucuronolactone. But that’s not all. It also includes L-carnitine and inositol as additional energy-boosting ingredients. And when it comes to caffeine, Venom doesn’t skimp – each bottle contains about 162 mg of caffeine. That’s roughly equivalent to what you’d get in sixteen ounces of Starbucks espresso.

A Change in Size, But Not in Spirit

Did you know Venom used to come in aluminum half-liter bottles, which is about 16.9 fluid ounces? But in 2012, they made a slight change. The bottles were reduced to 16 fluid ounces, aligning with the size of most single-serve cans of other energy drinks. A small change, but Venom’s spirit remained the same.

Is there any shortage of Venom Energy?

No Shortage in Sight

Are you wondering if there’s a shortage of Venom Energy? According to Discontinued News, there’s no clear indication of it being out of stock or experiencing a shortage globally. People are still talking about and enjoying Venom Energy on social media platforms like Twitter.

Where Can You Buy Venom Energy?

If you’re looking to grab a bottle of Venom Energy, your local stores and restaurants are a good bet. However, it’s important to note that it’s not available everywhere in the U.S. For instance, in some areas of Georgia and Alabama, it’s not readily available. But don’t worry, ordering it online is a breeze!

Regular vs. Diet Venom: A Personal Preference

You might be wondering about the difference between regular and diet Venom. From personal experience, regular Venom seems to offer more benefits than its diet counterpart. This could be one reason why diet Venom might not be as readily available. Many users, including myself, have experienced positive health benefits from the regular version.

Customers’ Feedback Who Use Venom Drink

1. A First-Timer’s Mixed Impressions

  • “Venom was my first foray into the world of energy drinks. Initially, I found it quite refreshing. However, after a while, the sticky aftertaste became a bit too much for me. Despite that, I think it’s worth trying at least once.”
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2. High Praise with a Caveat

  • “In my opinion, Venom is top-notch. It’s probably the best energy drink I’ve tried so far. But, there’s a downside. The seller’s customer service isn’t always up to the mark, which can be a bit disappointing.”

3. A Satisfied Repeat Customer

  • “This was my second time ordering Venom, and I’m really happy with it. It’s not available locally, so I have to order it. The first time around, a few cans got damaged in transit, but this time they arrived in perfect condition and were carefully individually wrapped. They also shipped quickly. I’m really pleased with how it all turned out.”

4. A Flavor That Stands Out

  • “I’ve tried a few energy drinks, but Killer Taipan + Mango from Venom is something else. It’s the only energy drink I’ve had that doesn’t just taste like canned chemicals. The mango flavor is genuinely refreshing, and it gives me that much-needed energy boost, especially during those slow days at work.”


Venom Energy Drink, with its unique blend of ingredients and distinctive packaging, stands out in the crowded energy drink market. From its humble beginnings in traditional containers to its evolution into sleek aluminum bottles, Venom has maintained its appeal to energy drink lovers.

Despite rumors of its discontinuation, Venom is very much alive and kicking. Its availability in various locations, although not universal, ensures that enthusiasts can still get their hands on it, either in stores or through online orders. The range of flavors, especially the standout Killer Taipan + Mango, caters to a diverse palate, providing options beyond the typical “energy drink taste.”

Customer feedback paints a picture of a product that isn’t perfect but is certainly appreciated. From first-timers to repeat customers, the experiences vary. Some are put off by the aftertaste, while others rave about the unique flavors. Issues with packaging and customer service are noted, but the overall sentiment leans towards satisfaction, especially with the product’s taste and the energy boost it provides.

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In conclusion, Venom Energy Drink embodies a journey of innovation, adaptation, and perseverance. It’s a beverage that has not only survived market changes but also managed to retain a loyal customer base. Whether you’re new to energy drinks or a seasoned consumer, Venom offers a distinctive experience worth exploring.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Venom Energy Drink discontinued?

No, Venom Energy Drink is not discontinued. It is still available in select stores and online retailers.

2. Why do some people believe Venom Energy Drink is discontinued?

There have been some reports of certain flavors being out of stock in certain areas, as well as changes in packaging and branding, which have led some consumers to believe the drink is being discontinued.

3. Are there any new flavors of Venom Energy Drink?

Yes, there are new flavors of Venom Energy Drink, including Limeade, Black Cherry Kiwi and Watermelon Lime. These flavors can be found in select stores and online retailers.

4. Where can I buy Venom Energy Drink?

Venom Energy Drink can be found in select stores, including Walmart, 7-Eleven, and other convenience stores. It is also available for purchase online through retailers such as Amazon and the Venom Energy Drink website.

5. What ingredients are in Venom Energy Drink?

Venom Energy Drink contains caffeine, taurine, guarana, B vitamins and several other ingredients commonly found in energy drinks. It is important to note that energy drinks should be consumed in moderation and should not be used as a substitute for sleep or hydration.

6. Is Venom Energy Drink safe to drink?

When consumed in moderation, Venom Energy Drink is safe for most healthy adults. However, it is important to read labels carefully and be aware of the caffeine and sugar content in energy drinks. It is not recommended for children, pregnant or nursing women, or individuals sensitive to caffeine.

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