4 Ways Explainable AI Benefits Your Business

Brian Eugen
By Brian Eugen 5 Min Read
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Are you looking for ways to improve the neural intelligence of your business? If so, explainable AI might be your answer.

Explainable AI, or explainable artificial intelligence, is more commonly known as XAI. It’s a collection of processes that calculates and produces reliable results, allowing people to understand them easily.

This AI is crucial in a successful business for many reasons, which will be explained below. If you’re looking for ways to improve your business, incorporating explainable AI will help you along the way.

1. It Gets Rid of Human Biases

Explainable AI works to counter biased algorithms by helping you understand that algorithms cannot be blindly trusted.

Algorithmic bias replicates human biases through artificial intelligence — this happens because humans created the design of artificial intelligence. The bias could occur for multiple reasons, one being that the data used to develop the algorithm is biased. For example, facial recognition software could have skin type and gender bias due to its algorithm.

If you want to improve your business, getting rid of biased algorithms is necessary. With explainable AI, you’ll know what you’re working with, making it easier for you to eliminate the biases in specific algorithms. It’s an essential investment.

2. It Provides Information That You Can Understand

Learning about the tools you’re working with will expand your knowledge and improve customer service and hiring processes. For example, explainable AI can augment your decision-making with the AI’s learning capabilities. This also lets you give unhappy, rejected job applicants a well-rounded and evidence-based pictureof why they weren’t chosen because explainable AI will provide detailed explanations through the model. You won’t have to leave applicants unanswered or come up with excuses on the spot.

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An explainable AI is extremely beneficial when it provides realistic models that accurately describe the world and explanations that you quickly and efficiently understand. You want to be able to make predictions with these explanations and understand why these are happening.

3. It Builds a Human Relationship With You

You want to look for an explainable AI model that facilitates a relationship between you and the machine learning process — you want to be able to interact with the model to get rid of biases and experiment with it yourself. Trial and error are essential when creating an algorithm that benefits all.

4. It’s Always Improving

A significant benefit of this AI model is that you learn along with it. You’ll get:

  • A clear understanding of your model, increasing transparency and trust
  • Explanations before your model is built, reducing risks
  • A grasp of all the circumstances of how your model will behave
  • Many learning opportunities due to its straightforward interpretation and explanations

These features will allow you to understand what you’re working with, help others understand so that they can learn, and eliminate biases. This will help your business grow.

An explainable AI that keeps the good aspects of your old models while updating your systems is also a plus. Explainable models are more like super-intelligent additional employees than tools – they’re there to augment rather than replace.

Final Thoughts

Explainable AI is vital to your company because it fully explains machine learning algorithms and its deep neural networks, which is critical for using AI responsibly.

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Learning through explainable AI will help expand your knowledge and improve your business. It’s always good to know what you’re working with, even if you’ve already heard good things about it. Reducing bias in decision-making is critical to any successful business today, and using the explainable AI model will help you go from strength to strength.

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