6 Ways Tech Has Reshaped The Way We Communicate

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Let’s be honest; one cannot move forward with the absence of communication in personal and professional life. It helps individuals express their feelings and emotions and also understands others’ points of view. In this way, communication can bring people together and at the same time build strong relationships whether in personal or work life.

Technology has changed the way we communicate in any aspect of life over time. The origination of several technological devices has made communication much more straightforward, faster, and more enjoyable. It has improved communication to the point that every individual can benefit from it anywhere in the world. Read on below to understand how technology has paved the path for easier communication in various sectors of life:

Improved public relations

Technology has not only changed the interface between people. It has also helped brands to improve their public relations. PR refers to the practices of maintaining the reputation of a company or a public figure. The increasing use of social media has put the image of businesses in a vulnerable position. People can share news, pass derogatory comments about a brand, or post videos anytime as they please.

Fortunately, now PR agents can effectively control crises before any damage can happen. They can immediately release a press statement or a message on behalf of their clientele on any scandalous matter. PR companies should build their messaging strategies in alignment with the companies’ marketing goals to acquire new clients and maintain the existing ones. Individuals should enroll in strategic communications masters programs online to grapple with the demanding challenges of the internet.

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Formerly, the only source of information for people was newspapers. Journalists and media persons reported political events, crises, emergencies, and sports by publishing articles. However, a complete transition took place with the advent of new technology. Today, people don’t have to wait until dawn to get newspapers and learn what happened the previous day.

In this fast-pacing digital era and with numerous electronic mediums, news spreads like wildfire. A plethora of media sources are available for information and entertainment purposes. People can listen to the radio, podcasts, watch videos, read blogs on various websites to keep themselves updated.

Corporate world communication advancement

An organization cannot step up the ladder of success if there is no teamwork. Today, every business function does not only work towards its objectives but also recognizes and contributes to other departments’ goals. For this reason, many organizational leaders are utilizing communication tools to increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Some of the technologies that have changed communication in the business world include:

Video conference apps: These conferencing applications allow employees from different cities and countries to communicate with each other:

  • Screen sharing: It enables employees to share how to do a particular task with their colleagues. Many companies utilize this facility to conduct online training of their employees
  • Cloud-based systems: These systems are beneficial for uploading and downloading any files or resources from anywhere around the world
  • LinkedIn or any other social media platform: it helps employees to connect and communicate with people from the same industry
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Improvement in healthcare communication

Traditional healthcare systems used one-way communication via pager to notify nurses or physicians for providing care to the patients. The uni-directional communication not only added frustration to the service providers but also delayed proper patient care. The advancement in technology offers complete two-way communication so that healthcare providers receive a message and respond to that message.

Moreover, previously patients would have to wait for days or even months to make an appointment with their doctor and discuss their health. However, technology has simplified this process. Today with the internet, a large number of patients can communicate with doctors online. Hospitals and clinics today are working effectively to update information on their sites to make it easy for patients to understand their health problems.

Traditional to modern marketing

Every other person possesses a smartphone and has at least one social media account these days. According to recent statistics, 51% of customers purchased items using mobile and internet services. Due to this increasing inclination towards digital platforms, there is high competition between companies now than it was ever before. Brands are leveraging social media platforms and replacing traditional methods of marketing. Rather than spending a fortune to advertise their products on televisions, companies are now opting for an alternative way. They are focusing more on customized marketing campaigns and investing a relatively small amount of money.

Enhanced communication in the education sector

Education in this age does not restrict itself to just classrooms; most educational institutions offer their students various online programs. Students do not need to travel long hours to sit in the class, take notes, or go to the library to complete assignments. All lectures, books, and other resources are available on school portals. Now more so than ever, with the ongoing pandemic, many educational institutions are employing online learning practices.

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Technology has made it easy for teachers to conduct classes online. Various online software makes it easy for teachers and students to communicate promptly. Due to this, students today are familiar with a wide range of tools that can help them further in their careers.


Technology has rejuvenated every aspect of our lives and has evolved channels of communication at a dizzying pace. No one can say that tech advancements have reached a maximum limit. Almost every second day, a new technology unfolds before us, and new communication channels come into existence. However, one thing is for sure. Technology will continue to progress, and we have to adapt our lifestyles accordingly.

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