5 Ways Technology Can Help You Monitor Company Performance 

Brian Eugen
By Brian Eugen 5 Min Read
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Your firm’s performance can be challenging to measure if you aren’t sure what metrics you should be keeping track of. As in many other arenas, technology is your friend here! It can give you valuable insight into ways to improve your company’s productivity and workflow.

Today, we’ll teach you how to use the vast powers of technology to your advantage. When you incorporate these five habits into your daily life, you’ll always know exactly where your business stands.

1. Observing Customer Calls

One crucial aspect of a firm’s success is building a reputation for good customer service.

Call center quality assurance software lets you monitor phone conversations between your employees and callers. This way, you’ll be able to detect if anyone on your team needs additional training. You’ll also be able to reward employees who are providing outstanding service to your clients.

As the company’s leader, it is your responsibility to know how you’re being represented.

2. Surveying Customers via E-mail

The best way to find out what someone really thinks about your business is to ask them directly. This is why many companies create e-mail questionnaires for clients to fill out after receiving services. Surveys often collect ratings, personal anecdotes, or a combination.

Incorporate questions that cover every aspect of the business, from the product to the quality of service. If one particular area is getting negative feedback, you’ll know where to focus your improvement.

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For the best results, allow anonymous reviews because this is when people will feel free to be the most honest.

3. Watching How Customers Receive Content in Real Time

As the saying goes, “the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.” This is especially true when talking about customers.

Each time you post a new blog, set your social media notifications to inform you of any shares or comments the piece receives. If a new piece of content gains less traction than your usual work or gets negative attention, you can safely bet that content in the same vein will get the same reception.

On the other hand, pay special attention when you see an uptick in positive reactions. Figure out what made that content go over well, and keep it in mind as a blueprint for future creations.

It’s not only what’s going on inside your company that you need to consider. It’s also what’s happening outside, in the market. Knowing what is selling the most right now and which products are suffering a decline in sales is key to understanding how you will perform in the current climate.

Web traffic analytics tools are your friends here. Use them to track what’s popular with your target audience. Then, you’ll be able to change how you approach your sales whenever you need to.

5. Record-Keeping

Spotting patterns in real time is helpful, but observing them over a long period is imperative.

Sometimes one piece of content will get significantly more or less traction than others. What you really need to look for is how much traffic has come to your web pages over the past months. Has it seen an incline, decline, or stagnation? If there has been a difference, how drastic is it?

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Excel, Google Sheets, and other online platforms make it easy to keep detailed records that help you track long-term trends.

Making Technology an Asset

Today’s business owners have resources at their disposal that those from the past did not. That said, it can be difficult to find out what they are and how you can use them.

Start with these five technology-based tactics to help track your company’s performance and discover ways to improve your efficiency, reach, and customer service.

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