Ways to Improve Cybersecurity According to the Pros

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Cybersecurity is a serious topic, but it’s also one that you can take steps to improve. Whether you want to protect your personal information from hackers or just make sure your browser and apps are up-to-date, there are plenty of ways for the average person to boost their cyber security. In order to help give you some peace of mind, we’ve compiled a list of five quick things that will have an immediate impact on your online safety.

As a businss owner, you need to understand that cybersecurity is your responsibility

You must realize that your company’s cybersecurity is a legal responsibility. All of the company’s information, including customer data, are at risk if you do not have the appropriate technology in place. You are responsible for preventing hackers from accessing your systems or installing malware. You are also responsible for protecting sensitive customer information, which includes credit card numbers and bank account numbers.

If you neglect your cybersecurity problems, you can more than likely expect to see an increase in financial losses from intrusions and breaches. The costs of a data breach could be anywhere from $150 million to $1 billion or more depending on how big the business is and the type of information that was stolen. It’s really something to consider when determining whether or not to invest in real-time endpoint security technology.

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Building a strong cybersecurity foundation is not too difficult and can be done in various ways. You should start with the most important business resources and data you have, this includes email accounts, customer information, and employee records. Implementing solutions like Kubernetes network security can prove to be useful as well as setting up multi-factor authentication, encrypting sensitive data, and restricting access to your business information. Things like mobile device management (MDM) software are a good foundation for reducing the risk of unauthorized access to your network and computers.

Improving personal cybersecurity

When it comes to improving your own cybersecurity, there are many ways to do it, but here are some of the most important ones, according to the pros.

Antivirus and firewall

1) The first thing you should do is download antivirus software and make sure it’s updated regularly -but this isn’t enough on its own. You also need a firewall that will block suspicious activity, so install both! It’s even better if you can have your antivirus run scheduled scans for you so they don’t take up much of your time.

Password manager

2) Another way to improve your cybersecurity is by getting a password manager, which will automatically generate strong passwords for you and help you remember them! With all these different websites demanding passwords, it might be hard to keep track without one. Just make sure not to store your passwords in a document on your computer – you wouldn’t want to accidentally delete them.

Say no when asked for a phone number or email

3) When signing up for websites, be wary of those that ask you for personal information such as an email address or phone number – these are often an indication that they’ll send you spam. Try to avoid giving this information out unless it’s absolutely necessary! If sites really need your email address, make sure you use a separate one to your usual account (that way there won’t be any important emails getting lost in the spam folder).

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Watch where you click!

4) Make sure you don’t download software or click on suspicious websites – sometimes even when you do everything right, cybercriminals will find another way in. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

New devices should come with updates already installed

5) When buying new devices from now on, make sure their operating systems are up-to-date straight away because otherwise, your cybersecurity could be at risk. This is something many people forget to do, but it’s important because hackers have been known to target vulnerabilities in old software.

Make sure you back up your data regularly

6) A good way of improving your cybersecurity is by making sure all your valuable information is backed up regularly! Even if you think it can’t happen to you, accidents do happen and things get lost all the time – for example, if your device gets stolen, then everything on there could be gone for good.

This is why it’s so important to back up all your data, and you can do this through an external hard drive or by uploading your data to a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Yandex!

You should also make sure that the backup process itself is secure – hackers could get in and access all your personal information that way!


7) VPN is a great way to improve cybersecurity, particularly for more tech-savvy users. VPNs encrypt your data so that it can’t be stolen online, and they also allow you to access websites that are restricted in certain countries or regions of the world.

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Using VPN has grown popular in recent years, especially with all the crackdowns on certain websites. Nowadays, there are so many websites that you have to access through your browser’s private browsing mode because they are blocked outside of specific countries.

Secure your smartphone

8) Your smartphone is another device that’s vulnerable to cybercriminals, so it should also be protected!  The first thing you should do every morning is to check the Android security patch level of your device – have all the necessary updates been installed? If not, then this is a sign that your device may be at risk.

Also make sure to set a strong password for your smartphone, since cybercriminals can get in through apps that have security vulnerabilities or are just poorly designed.

There are many ways to improve your cybersecurity, and what you choose to do depends on how much time, money, and effort you want to put into it. There are also different things you can do based on what devices you have – for example, if all of your devices run Windows OS, then you should definitely install updates as soon as possible so hackers can’t exploit weak points in your system!

We hope this article has helped you understand some of the most important ways to improve your cybersecurity! Make sure you implement these tips as soon as possible to keep yourself safe online!

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