7 Ways To Use Facebook To Promote Your Products And Increase Your Sales

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The use of Facebook in advertising and marketing has become mainstream. Facebook was initially used to simply upload pictures and videos, chat with friends and make comments on your friend’s post. In today’s day and age though, it has evolved into a platform that is also used by all kinds of businesses for marketing. Facebook has grown to be one of the most populated social media platforms, which makes it a suitable space to reach out and engage with a wide audience. A lot of marketers consider understanding Facebook an indispensable skill as it can be manipulated into creating a great deal for them. Little do they know, this powerful social media platform has a lot of tools up its sleeves.

Listed below are seven ways to use Facebook to promote your products and increase sales.

Know Your Audience

The first step to getting any audience to buy what you are selling is getting to know them and their interests. As a business owner, your customer’s desires should be your priority; therefore, you should spend some time engaging and interacting with them. Study the market, follow trends and leverage them to your advantage. You can also engage your audience with daily content through posts, stories, or asking questions as well as answering some too. Be genuinely interested in the people that visit your page, develop a relationship based on trust and transparency; eventually, when you want them to get into business with you, they will be more than willing to.

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Invest In Promoted Posts

For every seasoned business owner, having a huge return of interest (ROI) is key to sustaining their company. This is where promoted posts come in. While having a Facebook account may be free, promoting posts is not. If you have some cash to spare, posts that are promoted on Facebook are good investments since they create ads that can reach a targeted audience for the desired duration depending on your budget.

Make Use of Competitions, Promos, And Discounts

Another way to promote your products on Facebook is to create competitions, discounts, and offer promos. This strategy is important because it allows people to engage with your page and it also enables people to interact.

Employ Facebook Ads

Generating traffic to your page organically is difficult, especially with the degree of competition from other businesses. Facebook ads are effective in reaching your targeted audience and supplying profits, which is why the use of Facebook marketing by Excite Media and similar tools ensures the attainment and sustenance of a high ROI. It is important to mention that just like promoted posts, Facebook ads also cost money; but rest assured that you will get your money’s worth in double folds when you use Facebook adverts effectively.

Pictures And Videos Sells

Human beings are distinctively visual beings, we are stimulated by whatever is aesthetically pleasing to us. When using Facebook to promote your products, use pictures and videos to catch attention and give credibility to your product. Take quality pictures of what you are selling and have them on display on your page; the same applies to videos. You could also try your hands on live videos; this tool has become popular these days and has been known to attract quite a number of people. This is probably because live videos alternatively offer organic scenes that are not common in edited videos. Ready-made videos on the other hand go through a lot of editing and can come across as staged.

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Leverage Customer Testimonials

When people want to buy a product or service, they check the brand’s review page to ensure that there are no negative experiences. One bad review can ruin the sales of your products, which is why you should ensure that you give your customers the best customer service and in return, encourage them to leave a positive review on your page. Consumers will be encouraged to purchase your products if they see that you care about their experience with your product.

Understand How Facebook Insights Works

Facebook insight is a powerful tool used by business owners to derive information about their clients. With the use of insights, you can know about their geography, Facebook usage, browsing history, and spending habits. It is imperative that you have sufficient insight into your customers as it enables you to deliver meaningful content by way of posting the appropriate content at the right time. Customers need not worry about their privacy being invaded as the data is shared without revealing the people being studied.

Facebook marketing has come to stay and it is not going anywhere anytime soon; make sure you use it right to increase your sales as desired.

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