What is Magento? And What are the Benefits of Using It?

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CMS Magento is an open-source e-commerce engine. It is very popular in the western market, where it is used, among other things, to create websites for international brands. In Runet it also occupies a certain part of the i-commerce niche, but growth is slowing down due to a small number of combinations with domestic services. Turn to magento development services by Elogic to know more information.

Main features

Magento is a resolution for building big plans. It is ineffective to apply the generator to launch a market with number of results: it is difficult to understand, and the increasing price is noticeably higher related to other modern CMS. This is particularly accurate for Runet, where difficulties with documentation and combination with e-commerce settings are attached to everything more.

The strength of the method is the wealth of built-in mechanisms for managing online buying. Nevertheless, the problems in some states are so important that they simply negate the benefits of Magento. But to learn what the CMS can be applied for, you first need to know it better.

Benefits and problems

The principal advantage of Magento is the functionality of the operation out of the box. The primary set includes multi-currency, multilingualism, the ability to create several online shops with a single database and lead them from one interface. All this is available in the Russian assembly of the CMS, which is based on the free version of the motor.

To download the assortment of the market, you use the Magmi program, which allows you to quickly import products with all data, including images. You may do out it utilizing a standard import tool – the choice largely depends on the number of products. Other advantages of CMS include:

  • Built-in caching system to speed up page loading.
  • User management system through which rights and restrictions are established.
  • Adaptability of templates for different screens.
  • Support for a large number of online payment systems.
  • The presence of a full-fledged Russian assembly.
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Magento’s main drawback is its complexity and cumbersomeness. It will be hard for a novice webmaster to cope even with the power including initial setup of the way. If you want unusual functionality or individual design, then you need to immediately prepare a serious budget – without the help of specialists, it will not run to customize the generator or template.

Reorder object

It is always good to retain old customers because they are always cheaper than acquiring new customers and therefore it also lowers the cost of doing business and increases your bottom line. Magento development helps online businesses by keeping the last order information available on their account page. So if your customers/visitors want to place the same order again, they are just a click away. This feature makes ordering a click away. Turn to top magento developers to help you.


CMS Magento is a powerful engine that may be applied to create very large projects. It is practiced by huge corporations plus international brands, though it is not so popular on the net yet. The principal reason is the lack of alliances with local assistance and payment methods. The situation is partially corrected by the Russian Magento assembly, however it is distributed for money, which significantly reduces the number of users.

The functionality of the basic configuration is expanded by plugins, but for the most part, they are additionally given, also in the original version for the western market. In addition, for a full-fledged system setup, not basic programming skills are required: whole teams of developers work on large projects. Therefore, Magento is more suitable for creating large stores with a wide assortment, the owners of which can afford to maintain a site support specialist and invest in the growth of the plan.

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To build a little online shop, especially on the Russian Internet, you can find a much cheaper and more effective CMS. They may have fewer tools than Magento offers, but clearly, enough to organize online sales without the help of programmers.

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