What Does “Added Me Back” On Snapchat Mean? [See Meaning]

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Hey there! Let’s break it down nice and simple. Snapchat is like that friend who keeps you in the loop about every tiny thing that happens. If you’ve ever seen a notification pop up saying “Added me back on Snapchat,” you might scratch your head and wonder, “What’s that all about?”

Well, you’re in luck! Because right here, we’re going to dive into what exactly that means. Get ready to become a Snapchat know-it-all!

So, you sent out a bunch of friend requests on Snapchat, and then—ding!—you get a notification. It’s Snapchat telling you someone has added you back. But what’s the big deal?

Think of Snapchat like a two-way street. You add someone, and when they add you back, it’s their way of saying, “Hey, let’s share our snaps!” It’s like opening the door to a whole new world of back-and-forth snapping.

Stay tuned as we dive deeper and get you up to speed on all the Snapchat lingo and features. By the end of this, you’ll be a Snapchat pro!

What Does Added Me Back On Snapchat Mean?

Okay, let’s say you find someone super cool on Snapchat and decide, “Yep, I wanna be snap pals with this person.” So, you go ahead and add them. Now, if they think you’re pretty neat too and decide to add you back, Snapchat will send you a little virtual high-five in the form of a notification saying “Added me back.”

Here’s the scoop: to form a snap-friendship, it’s not enough for you to just add someone. They’ve gotta add you too. It’s like both of you agreeing to be in each other’s digital squad.

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Imagine you’ve got someone in your contacts or you’ve done a quick search and found a potential new friend. You hit ‘Add,’ and then the ball’s in their court. If they add you back, Snapchat’s like, “Guess what? You’ve got a new friend!” and sends you that notification with their name on it.

Now for the fun part: Once you’re officially Snapchat buddies, you can start chatting and sharing snaps back and forth like you’re old pals.

But wait, what if you were friends, they dropped you, and then decided to re-add you? Snapchat’s got your back. It’ll send you a notification saying they’ve added you back, and just like that, you’re friends again, ready to snap and chat away!

So, next time you see that “Added me back” notification, do a little happy dance because your Snapchat circle just got bigger. 🎉


Wrapping it all up, getting an “Added me back” notification on Snapchat is no riddle—it’s pretty straightforward. It’s Snapchat’s way of telling you that the person you added has given you the virtual thumbs up and added you back. And just like that, you’ve made a new friend in the world of snaps and chats!

What this really means is that you’re all set to start messaging and sending fun snaps to each other. It’s like opening a door to a new friendship.

So the next time your phone buzzes with a Snapchat notification and you see that someone has added you back, smile and get ready to enjoy snapping with your new buddy!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when Snapchat says 'Added me back'?

It means that someone you've added on Snapchat has accepted your friend request and has added you in return. Now you're both friends on Snapchat and can start snapping and chatting with each other.

Do I have to add someone on Snapchat to be friends, or can they add me first?

Friendship on Snapchat works both ways! Either you can add someone, or they can add you first. To become friends, the other person has to add you back, no matter who sends the first friend request.

How do I know if someone has added me back on Snapchat?

You'll receive a notification directly from Snapchat saying "[Name] Added me back," which means you're now friends and can send each other snaps and messages.

If I add someone on Snapchat, will they know?

Yes, the person will receive a notification that you've added them, and they can choose to add you back or ignore the request.

What happens if I accidentally add someone on Snapchat? Can I cancel it?

If you accidentally add someone, you can remove them from your friends list, but if they've already received the notification, there's no way to cancel it. They just won't be able to add you back if you've already removed them.

Can I re-add someone on Snapchat if they previously removed me?

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