What Does “Ignored From Added Me” Mean On Snapchat? [See Meaning]

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Hey There, Snapchatters!

Ever got a weird message on Snapchat that said “Ignored from Added Me” and just sat there scratching your head? 🤔

You’re not alone, my friend! Even the Snapchat wizards sometimes get tripped up by this one.

So, let’s get down to business and crack this Snapchat code together. This app’s way of making friends is a bit like a secret club with its own special rules.

In this awesome guide, I’m gonna break it all down for you. We’re going to figure out exactly what “Ignored from Added Me” means on Snapchat. Get ready to become a Snapchat pro! 🌟

What Does “Ignored From Added Me” Mean On Snapchat?

Alright, let’s dive into what “Ignored from Added Me” actually means in Snapchat lingo. 🕵️‍♂️

Picture this: You find someone cool on Snapchat, and you hit ‘Add’ because you want to be friends. They get a little buzz on their phone that says you want to connect. Here’s what can happen next:

  • They hit ‘Accept’ – Boom! You’re friends.
  • They hit ‘Reject’ – Oops! No friendship today.
  • They do… nothing. 🤷

When they don’t do anything for a bit, Snapchat gets a tiny bit impatient and sends you a heads-up saying “Ignored from Added Me”. Now, hold up! This doesn’t mean they looked at your request and thought, “Nah, not interested.” It just means they haven’t done anything about it… yet.

Maybe they missed it while scrolling, maybe they’re thinking it over, or maybe they’re just playing hard to get. Who knows?

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If you get this notification, you’ve got options:

  • Hit ‘Add’ again if you feel like giving it another shot.
  • Just chill and wait. Patience is a virtue, right?

Even if they leave you hanging, you can still shoot them a snap or drop a message. Unless they’ve blocked you, the line is still open. Keep snapping! 📸

How Do I Know If Someone Has Ignored My Friend Request?

Ever wondered if someone has ignored your Snapchat friend request? Here’s the scoop: Snapchat doesn’t have a special button that tells you who’s ignored your friend vibes.

But, when someone leaves your request on read, you’ll get the “Ignored from Added Me” alert. It’s like Snapchat’s nudge saying, “Hey, they haven’t said yes… but they haven’t said no either.”

If you’re playing Sherlock Holmes and want to investigate:

  • Peek at your “Added Me” list. If they’re still there, they haven’t added you back… yet.
  • If you don’t see them there, they either accepted and are your friend now, or they hit the ‘Reject’ button. Ouch!

Remember, Snapchat’s like a secret garden – you can’t peek over the fence to see someone’s friends or what they’re up to unless they invite you in. So, if you’re curious, you might just have to wait and see if they’ll let you through the gate. 🌻


So, you got the “Ignored from Added Me” message and it’s got you puzzled, huh? No sweat! It doesn’t mean you’re being outright rejected. Maybe they just missed your request, or they’re not ready to hit ‘Add’ just yet.

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Sadly, Snapchat doesn’t let you in on who’s ignored your friend request. It’s all hush-hush, part of their privacy deal.

The bottom line? If they’re not adding you back, just let it slide. It’s all good! 🛹

Keep your spirits up and don’t let one little notification stop you. Keep on snapping, chatting, and making awesome connections on Snapchat. Your friend list is gonna keep growing, one snap at a time!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the "Ignored from Added Me" notification mean?

This notification pops up when someone hasn't responded to your friend request – they haven't accepted, but they also haven't rejected. It's like they've seen it, but they're just leaving it hanging.

Can I find out who has ignored my friend requests?

Nope, Snapchat values privacy, so there's no direct way to know who's ignored your requests. You'll only know they haven't added you back yet.

Will I be notified if someone rejects my friend request?

Snapchat keeps it discreet. You won’t get a specific notification if someone rejects your request, but they'll disappear from your "Added Me" list.

Can I resend a friend request if it's been ignored?

Sure thing! If you think they've missed it or you want to try again, go ahead and resend that request.

What should I do if my friend request is ignored?

Just keep it cool. You can try resending the request or just move on and keep enjoying Snapchat with your other friends.

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