What You Need to Know About Teams Shared Calendar App

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Calendar apps are a great tool for co-working teams. Users can get notifications on upcoming events delivered right to their email. Most collaboration software such as SharePoint and Office 365 come with an inbuilt calendar feature.

The shared calendar in teams offers more than just notifying users of upcoming events. The SharePoint calendar for teams also allows teams to book resources in advance. The admins can also set privacy policies to limit who can access and edit the calendar.

Using a Shared Team Calendar

SharePoint is one of the best collaborative tools used by teams and businesses. It is packed with plenty of features that make communication and data management very easy. The SharePoint calendar has plenty of features to allow multiple user access.

Besides that, users can use the calendar feature to notify other members of their availability, making project management easier. The good thing about SharePoint’s group calendar is that you can aggregate different calendars including Outlook events and show them under one view.

SharePoint calendars also allow admins to color code different events. This is quite a handy feature as it allows team members to get an idea of their schedules.

Integrate Your Calendars with Outlook

One good thing about Microsoft apps is you can sync events between different apps. For example, you can integrate and sync SharePoint calendars with Office 365 or Outlook. This feature can help save employees from having to switch between different apps. Besides, it also makes collaboration and communication smooth between different teams.

With the team’s shared calendar app, you can keep a copy of the SharePoint calendar on Outlook. This way, any changes you make on your SharePoint calendar will be updated on Outlook. As such, admins will have an easier time managing their calendars on different apps.

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SharePoint Calendar Overlays

Many events on the calendar can make it look disorganized. Users may also have trouble keeping up with the events that relate to them. However, SharePoint takes care of this through the calendar overlays feature.

As mentioned earlier, you can highlight common events with matching colors. You can also make use of the composite view, which aggregates all SharePoint calendars into one. The overall idea of using the overlays feature is to eliminate confusion.

Uses of Teams Shared Calendar

You can create a company calendar highlighting all the events, holidays, and seminars. This will give employees a chance to plan and book the necessary resources ahead of time. Shared calendars also make project management easier thanks to the schedule feature, which allows members to keep track of the project’s progress.

SharePoint calendars can also be used to book shared resources such as meeting rooms and projectors in advance. Also, the project coordinators can use the calendar to plan team meetings based on the availability of the members.

Wrapping Up

Collaborating on team projects has never been easier. However, calendar apps and project management apps such as SharePoint make it easy for co-workers to work on projects. Project managers can also book resources and share updates via the shared calendar in teams.

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