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One of the first things that everyone looks for in a classic car is its color, design, mileage accuracy, engine capacity, and other crucial features. So, you might think of overlooking the VIN number while buying a new or a second-hand car.

But, is there any way to identify if the car dealer is selling you an old car? Yes, a VIN number checkup is the best strategy to find out every minute’s information about a vehicle, as these unique codes are known as the car’s fingerprints.

If you don’t know where to find these numbers on a vehicle, this article will help you reveal the VIN number without any hassle. Let’s get started.

Where can anyone find out the VIN number?

Issuing a VIN is mandated for all types of vehicles and it’s a critical standard practice throughout the world. It helps you differentiate every vehicle, whether private or commercial, its model, manufacturing unit, year of production, and many more.

Through the VIN number, registration authorities utilize this to register your car. However, there are several ways to identify a car’s VIN number. Various VIN check options are there.

To find the VIN number to lookup for, follow our list of probable areas for finding VIN:

#1 On the dashboard

One of the most general places for finding a VIN is on the dashboard of the vehicle. More precisely, it is in proximity to the dashboard, which meets the windshield’s corner on the driver’s side. Usually, the VIN is associated with a metal plate and the code represented so that anyone can thoroughly read it from the outside of the car staying at it.

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#2 Registration Certificate 

Are you about to buy a car? When you purchase one, the car dealer registers the vehicle at the local, regional transport office or RTO. It prints the VIN number of the vehicle on the registration certificate or RC of your vehicle. You will find the details on the smart card along with other elements of the car.

#3 Verify your insurance card

Is your car already insured? The VIN could be found on your insurance card. This is an essential card that must be preserved safely, for example, in your wardrobe or glove box with other crucial papers and files.

All you have to locate is the card, and the VIN must be available with your valuable insurance information.

With the emergence of cutting-edge technology, most things are going digital nowadays, your policy documents will be sent to you via mail as soon as you purchase or renew your car insurance. So, you may also check your registered email inbox to get the VIN’s number.

#4 Car’s door

The VIN number of the car is often imprinted on the door of the driver’s side. Moreover, it’s on a metal strip, which is identified on the B-pillar of the vehicle. When the driver’s car is opened, the VIN number can easily be seen from there.

#5 On the driver’s side door jamb

VIN numbers can also be easily found on the driver’s side door jamb. This location is traceable as after opening the driver’s door, anyone can find it.

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#6 Boot

If you didn’t think of discovering VIN in this location, you would be happier to know that VIN can be located here also. Well, underneath the spare wheel in the boot is that specific location where you can explore the unique VIN code. Moreover, upon lifting the spare wheel, you can detect the VIN of that car.

#7 Hood

Do you know the car’s engine location? If yes, locating the VIN number will be easier for you. You need to ensure that the car isn’t in operating mode when you put your hands inside the hood. In brief, discover the VIN under the car’s hood, situated beside the car’s engine.

#8 Front Grille

Some vehicle manufacturers or some of the specific models contain the VIN number or the VIN printed underneath the car’s front grille. This might not always be the case.

#9 Car dealership

On the other hand, you could pay a visit or call your car dealership from whom you have bought this swanky ride for yourself. They are capable enough of identifying the VIN of the vehicle.

#10 Rear wheel

Are you searching for the easiest options to debunk the VIN number? None other than the rear wheel location of your car helps you explore the VIN location. They will carefully detect the VIN number of your car.

What are the other VIN locations?

In case the VIN number can’t be found in any of the aforementioned locations, other places are there too. Such locations are:

  • On the radiator support bracket
  • On the engine and frame
  • On a sticker in the trunk under the spare tire
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On the other hand, VIN numbers on the older models can be identified on the front end of the car frame when you open the door. Also, if you open the hood on a car equipped with a gasoline engine, search for the number imprinted on the front engine block.

In the case of motorcycles, you have to check the steering wheel at the bottom of the bike’s handlebars, the motor, or the frame near the motor. Therefore, in order to trace VIN on a semi-trailer, look at the driver-side of the car or the front left side of it.

Run VIN Decoder before purchasing your favorite car.

The sequence of VIN numbers where every character dictates a particular data of the vehicle. Hence, it’s crucial to know these details as it’s all right to track the authenticity of the car. Decoding a VIN has a wide array of personal and business usage.

It’s perfect for conducting car diagnostics, sourcing parts, and revealing the title history, and many more. If you are ready to purchase a second-hand car, various VIN lookup options are available.

Go through one of them and verify all the details said by the dealer. Don’t fall for the dealer’s exaggeration; check out yourself.

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