Which Tools and Services People Use More for Digital Marketing and Why?

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Marketing tools help you execute a proper strategy and compete in the market. Modern marketers should be at a million places at once, so many of them rely on the right digital marketing tools that can save their time. We have prepared valuable tips for marketers of all shapes and sizes, so here is the list that is worth checking. After all, no two professionals are 100% similar. With everyone using the digital marketing tools individually, making the results depend on efforts and creativity.

Digital marketing tools and services

Organic social media tools

Social media management tools have become one of the most important channels to promote your brand. For example:

  • Sprout Social may assist you in social media management because it is a powerful engagement platform for business that makes it easy for a brand to engage with current customers and potential clients effectively.
  • Wyng is also an engagement platform with a corresponding focus on garnering engagement with the help of user-generated content as well as referral programs, quizzes, contests, and others.
  • Woobo is a social platform designed for running social competitions, contests, and giveaways.
  • Nanigans is a multichannel advertising software with a particular focus on Facebook marketing. The software has extra access to the Facebook Exchange for retargeting and some other professional tools to make targeting more efficient. Also, the platform provides opportunities to control Twitter and Instagram ads.
  • Facebook’s power edition is a unique Facebook product for users who will create and run some hyper-specific advertising campaigns. Facebook aims to improve its ad platform, so they frequently release special tools for targeting and budgeting. It is considered to be one of the best tools for Facebook with no third-party fee.
  • The Twitter native platform is used for targeting. With its segmentation functionality, it involves some opportunities to target specific keywords. So, when a person tweets out or engages with a tweet using that key phrase, this person immediately gets targeted.
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Email marketing tools

Although people use email for marketing for years, it is still a popular method to boost digital marketing. It is one of the most efficient marketing channels in terms of ROI. Let’s overview the most common and effective tools for email marketing:

  • HubSpot is a well-known company with powerful CRM and inbound marketing software. It is not a complicated program to use, but it will give you impressive results with some additional popular marketing tools. You have an opportunity to test the proпgram for free with the help of an email client and ready-made templates.
  • MailChimp is a powerful tool in email marketing, performing different plans for both smaller marketers and giants.
  • Marketo is an email platform that can help you to be on a more advanced level. Marketo is ideal for users who are searching for an all-in-one solution for the business. It has a variety of automatic functions with email marketing and other digital marketing tools.
  • GetResponse is a unique email marketing platform, performing specific messages and autoresponders. The solution defines and analyzes specific trends and behavior of users in the market.

Retargeting tools

Most of the ads around us come from sites we have visited or shopped earlier. It happens as a result of retargeting. Even if you hear this for the first, you have been targeted with specific tools in the past. Retargeting is incredibly efficient for getting customers back to your website so they can buy a product or service. The following tools are helpful in display retargeting:

  • AdRoll is one of the most popular programs in retargeting, offering a self-service platform. When a visitor comes to a website but leaves before purchasing, this tool will help display the ads of your website again for this exact user and, as a result, bring a user back and keep your brand top of mind.
  • Retargeter is a diverse marketing tool that you can use for retargeting, search retargeting, and dynamic retargeting. Using this self-service platform, you can pass all of the campaigns onto an account team to run your retargeting.
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Programmatic advertising tools

These marketing tools will help to make the process of managing ads easier and faster. The use of this software automates the purchasing process from both online and offline channels. So, your ads will be purchased and displayed automatically, which will help to reduce the time you spend on advertisements. Let’s focus and observe some of the leading tools in the specific sector:

  • ChoiceStream processes tons of information and discerns which of it is valuable knowledge for brands. ChoiceStream uses the received data to target ads to the potential customer properly. The program knows whether it is good or not while boosting the relevance of advertisements to targets.
  • Rocket Fuel is a tool that can help you access anonymous user data to define and calculate how likely a user will respond to your specific advertisement. You may then use the received information to decide how it is better to serve your ads. Rocket Fuel combines both a self-service platform and managed services.

Website analytics tools

Most of the marketing tools perform built-in analytics so that you can control the performance of the content on a variety of social platforms. However, it is significant to keep an eye on the particular data about events that take place on your website from clicks and conversion:

  • Kissmetrics offers a variety of analytics tools to increase conversion across the entire website. It tracks your visitors, performing you a report on each part of the funnel.
  • Google Analytics is one of the best tools for advanced analytics, assisting you to know more about your visitors and define the best sales funnel for them.
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You have seen our complete list of digital marketing tools and services, so do not waste your time and choose free trials to test the most appealing to you. With a wide variety of tools, making your choice may be hard. So here we recommend the most popular ones, minding your special needs and requirements.

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