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Have you ever had a Toshiba TV in your living room? Chances are, you have! Toshiba is a big name in the world of electronics, and they make more cool stuff than you might realize. In this article, we’re going to shine a spotlight on Toshiba TVs. From their first LCD TVs to the latest smart TVs, Toshiba has been all about top-notch products that mix cool designs with high-tech features.

What’s really great about Toshiba TVs is how they blend style and technology. They come with a smart operating system (OS), which is like the brain of the TV, letting you do all sorts of fun things. Plus, they’re not going to empty your piggy bank because they’re pretty affordable.

But here’s something you might not have thought about: who actually makes Toshiba TVs? We’re going to dive into that mystery in this article, and also look at the pros and cons of these TVs. So, if you’re curious about the world behind your TV screen, keep reading!

What is the point of Toshiba TVs?

So, why are Toshiba TVs such a big deal? Well, Toshiba isn’t just any brand; it’s a name that has been around for a long time and has won over lots of people with its high-quality products. When it comes to their smart TVs, it’s like getting the whole package in one.

These latest smart TVs from Toshiba have everything you need for a great streaming experience. Imagine having a TV that’s smart like your phone! It’s got a smart operating system (OS) that’s easy to use, plus a bunch of high-tech features. Think of it like having a mini-computer on your TV screen. You also get a built-in App Store, so downloading your favorite apps is super easy.

But wait, there’s more! Toshiba TVs have cool convenience features. You can connect your speakers through Bluetooth, which means no more tangled wires! Plus, there’s a built-in Chromecast, so you can easily watch videos from your phone or tablet on your big TV screen.

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One of the coolest features is the Voice Assistant. You know how you can talk to your phone and ask it to do things? You can do that with your Toshiba TV too! Just tell it what you want to watch, and voilà, it plays your favorite shows or movies. Toshiba has really put a lot of thought into making their TVs not just televisions, but smart entertainment hubs.

Who Makes Toshiba TVs?

Who’s actually behind the Toshiba TVs we see on shelves? The answer might surprise you: it’s Hisense, a well-known TV manufacturer from China. Back in 2015, Toshiba hit a rough patch financially and stopped making their own TVs. That’s when Hisense stepped in.

Before Hisense, it was Compal Electronics, a company from Taiwan, that designed and produced TVs under the Toshiba name. But things changed in 2017 when Hisense bought a huge 90% of Toshiba’s TV stocks. That’s when Toshiba TVs really started to shine in the smart TV market. These TVs are not just easy on your wallet; they’re also a hit with gamers who love their performance.

Hisense has the rights to make TVs under the Toshiba brand for a whopping 40 years. But it’s not just Hisense that’s been involved. Until 2018, several smaller companies also made TVs for Toshiba, and these TVs were sold all over the world – in places like the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Russia, China, and Japan.

So, where are Toshiba TVs actually made? The answer is China. Hisense in China is the current manufacturer of Toshiba TVs. This means when you buy a Toshiba TV, you’re also getting a touch of Hisense’s expertise and quality. It’s like a blend of two worlds, bringing together the best of both!

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Are Toshiba TV any good?

Are you wondering if Toshiba TVs are still worth it in 2024? Absolutely! Toshiba continues to offer some of the best smart TVs out there, packed with features that make them a great pick.

First off, Toshiba’s range of TVs is pretty impressive. They’ve got Ultra High Definition (UHD), Quantum Dot, and LED Smart TVs. What’s cool about these TVs is their bezel-less design. That means the frame around the screen is super thin, giving you a modern look and an uninterrupted viewing experience.

Then there’s the Voice Activated remote. Imagine just sitting on your couch and speaking into the remote to find your favorite shows. It’s that easy! Plus, when you’re buying a Toshiba TV, you get to choose between two types of operating systems (OS) – VIDAA TV OS and Android TV OS. This choice means you can pick what works best for you.

The picture quality on these TVs is top-notch too. They come with high-resolution panels and a dedicated processor that makes colors pop, especially helpful for gaming. And the sound? Toshiba TVs include Dolby-tuned speakers for an immersive audio experience. Gamers, you’re in for a treat with the dedicated Game Mode, which takes gaming to the next level.

There’s just one catch: Toshiba TVs support only a 60Hz refresh rate. For some gamers, especially those into fast-paced games, this might be a downside. But for most people, Toshiba TVs are still a fantastic choice, balancing quality, features, and affordability.


And there you have it! We’ve reached the end of our exploration into the world of Toshiba TVs. By now, you should have a clear picture of who’s behind these TVs. It’s interesting to see how Hisense, a major player from China, has taken the reins in manufacturing Toshiba’s sought-after TVs.

Remember, when you’re out there looking for a smart TV, it’s really important to know who makes it and what kind of customer support they offer. Even though Hisense now handles the manufacturing side, this hasn’t put a dent in Toshiba TV’s sales or their commitment to customer service.

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So, if you’re considering getting a Toshiba smart TV, you can feel confident about your choice. You’re not just buying a TV; you’re investing in a product backed by a rich history and a promising future. Happy TV shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who manufactures Toshiba TVs now, and when did this change happen?

Hisense, a well-known Chinese TV manufacturer, has been manufacturing Toshiba TVs since 2017, following Toshiba's cessation of TV production in 2015 due to financial difficulties.

What are the key features of the latest Toshiba smart TVs?

The latest Toshiba smart TVs boast features like bezel-less design, Voice Activated remotes, a choice between VIDAA TV OS and Android TV OS, high-resolution panels, Dolby-tuned speakers, and a dedicated Game Mode.

Can I choose the operating system when buying a Toshiba TV?

Yes, Toshiba offers a choice between VIDAA TV OS and Android TV OS, allowing customers to select an operating system that best fits their preferences.

Are Toshiba TVs suitable for gaming?

Toshiba TVs are recommended for gaming due to their high-resolution panels and dedicated Game Mode, although their 60Hz refresh rate might be a limitation for certain fast-paced games.

Does the change in manufacturing to Hisense affect Toshiba TV's customer support?

No, despite Hisense acquiring the manufacturing rights, there has been no negative impact on the sales and customer support of Toshiba TVs.

What types of TVs does Toshiba offer, and what makes them unique?

Toshiba offers a range of TVs including UHD, Quantum Dot, and LED Smart TVs. Unique features include their modern bezel-less design, user-friendly interfaces, and customizable OS options, making them a versatile choice for various users.

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