Why Does Instagram Crop Your Video? [See The Reasons]

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Hey There, Instagram Fans!

Ever noticed when you post a video on Instagram, it doesn’t look quite the same as it did in your phone’s gallery? It’s like someone took a pair of scissors to it, right? And you’re left wondering, “Why did Instagram trim my video?!”

Well, don’t worry, because you’re about to become an expert on the whole thing! Keep reading, and I’ll tell you all about the mystery of the Instagram video crop. Let’s dive in!

Why Does Instagram Crop My Video?

So, you’ve made this awesome video, and you’re all set to post it on Instagram. But wait—when you do, it’s like Instagram has decided to play “cut and snip” with it. What’s up with that?

It’s All About the Fit

Think of Instagram like a fancy suit shop. There’s a particular size that fits just right on their mannequins. In the Instagram world, this “size” is called the aspect ratio—it’s the relationship between the width and the height of your video. Just like a tailor, Instagram wants your video to fit perfectly in its display window!

Reels vs. Regular Posts

If you’re posting to Instagram Reels, you’re usually in the clear—Reels are cool with keeping your video just as it is. But if you’re doing a regular post, that’s when Instagram brings out its measuring tape.

Say Goodbye to IGTV

Oh, and IGTV? That was like the big mannequin that could wear any video size. But Instagram decided it was out of fashion in late 2021, probably because Reels was the new trendsetter.

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The Perfect Fit: Aspect Ratios Explained

Instagram has a few “sizes” it likes for videos:

  • Portrait videos: These should be up to 4:5. Imagine a rectangle that’s taller than it is wide—that’s portrait style.
  • Square videos: These are 1:1. Easy peasy—it’s just a perfect square!
  • Landscape videos: These should be 1.91:1, which is like a wide-angle view of a beautiful sunset.

Anything that doesn’t fit into these sizes gets a trim, so parts of your video might get chopped off.

Why Doesn’t My Phone Video Fit?

Your phone, whether it’s an iPhone or an Android, probably records in sizes like 3:2, 4:3, 19.5:9, or the classic widescreen 16:9. It’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole—it just doesn’t match Instagram’s preferred sizes.

So there you have it! If your video gets cropped, it’s not personal—it’s just Instagram’s way of making sure everything looks neat and tidy on your feed.

How To Check The Aspect Ratio Of Videos

Before you hit that post button and end up with a video that’s been trimmed down, let’s learn how to measure up your video’s aspect ratio. It’s like checking if your clothes will fit before you buy them!

First up, you’ll need to know the width and height of your video. Got those numbers? Great! Now, think of them like a fraction, width over height. If these numbers seem like they’re speaking another language, you can find their Greatest Common Factor (GCF) to simplify things—this is like breaking down a fraction to its simplest form to see the real ratio of width to height.

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If all this math makes your head spin, no worries! The internet’s got your back with aspect ratio calculators. Just search for one, punch in your video’s width and height, and voila! You’ll know if Instagram’s going to bring out the scissors for your video or not.

Now, you might be thinking, “Can’t I just change my video’s size to make it fit?” Sure you can. But here’s a secret—Instagram has a cool preview feature that shows you exactly how your video will look if it’s cropped. So before you go looking for third-party apps to change your video size, give Instagram’s preview a glance. It’s like trying on clothes in the dressing room; you get to see the fit before you show it off to the world!


So, what’s the verdict? You might guess everyone would just use Instagram Reels because it keeps videos from getting the big chop. But there’s a catch—Reels only lets you have 30 seconds of fame. That’s not a lot of time if you’ve got more to share!

We’ve gone on a bit of a journey together in this article, uncovering the reasons behind Instagram’s sneaky cropping habits. Now you know it’s all about those aspect ratios and making sure your video fits just right on Instagram’s virtual runway.

Remember, whether you’re a Reels rockstar or a post pro, it’s all about making your video look its best. With the tricks you’ve learned today, you’re all set to take the Instagram world by storm. Go ahead and post with confidence—no unwanted cropping surprises for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Instagram crop my videos when I post them?

Instagram crops videos to fit its standard aspect ratios for posts, which are 4:5 for portrait, 1:1 for square, and 1.91:1 for landscape videos.

What are Instagram Reels, and do they crop videos too?

Instagram Reels is a feature that allows you to create 30-second videos that are not cropped, maintaining the original size as long as they meet the platform's requirements.

How can I check the aspect ratio of my videos before posting on Instagram?

You can check the aspect ratio by dividing the width and height of your video by their Greatest Common Factor or use an online aspect ratio calculator by inputting the video’s dimensions.

What happened to IGTV, and why can't I find it anymore?

IGTV was a feature that allowed for longer videos on Instagram, but it was removed from the app in late 2021, likely due to the rise in popularity of Reels.

Can I change the aspect ratio of my video to fit Instagram’s format?

Yes, you can change the aspect ratio of your video using video editing software or apps, but Instagram also offers a preview feature that shows how your video will look when cropped.

Is there a time limit for videos posted as Instagram Reels?

Yes, videos posted to Instagram Reels are limited to 30 seconds.

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