Why X-Ray Technology Is Your Preferred Method Of Testing PCBs Quality?

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The x-ray technology is by far the best means to use in testing electronic gadgets. As you will find out later in this article. The x-ray technology is the most preferred method for testing the PCBs quality.

What is a PCB?

It is easier to define this term in first lay man’s language and also in-depth. In efforts to give you the best and easy way to picture what a PCB is. In a simpler term, the PCB is the motherboard of all electronic products. It is the one component that connects all electronic parts of an electronic product. It is the brain of electronic gadgets. In full words, it is the Printed Circuit Board. If the Printed Circuit Board is faulty, it leads to the failure of the product or gadget from functioning well. Lack of conducting quality assurance tests could lead to accidents. There are different ways that can be used to check on the Printed Circuit Boards. x ray machines are a common method for detecting PCB defects

Different ways for PCBs checking

Below are some of the ways that can be used to check on the Printed Circuit Boards:

Old fashioned way of function testing

There are some companies that have preferred to do the test by themselves. It is not the most preferred method but since it involves saving money, they opt to use this method. By keenly, checking first on how the product is performing. Secondly, after test driving, they open the products to check if the motherboard is faulty. This involves using their naked eyes to see if there is any part that seems to be faulty.

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The burn-in testing method

This is one of the methods that are costly but also considered to be effective. The burn-in testing method is one in which the electronic product is taken in through a lot of heat to check on the faulty and non-functioning parts. The fact that heat is being used, means that there will be some parts that will get burnt, eventually leading to the creation of another board.

The Automated Optical Inspection method (AOI)

The Automated Optical Inspection method of testing involves the use of photography to check through each part of the motherboard. It really can be tiresome. Since you will need to go through each and every part without needing to focus and getting quick results.

Needle testing method

This method of testing is also known as the JTAG boundary scan or the flying probe testing method. It is an affordable method, but just as the name suggests, it involves the use of needles. Just as how the optical method is done, this one involves opening up the electronic parts. The only sad part about using this method is that not all boards have been designed to allow the use of needles on them.

The PCB x-ray inspection

The PCB x-ray inspection is the best and most preferred way of inspecting through the different parts of the printed circuit board. This method does not involve the opening of any part. All you need to do is take past the motherboard through the scanner. The sole purpose of the BGA x-ray inspection is to get the results of what part needs to be worked on. If possible, it would even give the way forward on how to fix it.

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Advantages of x-ray check PCBs quality

The x-ray inspection has proved to be the best test to use. This is why:

  1. The use of the x-ray method is non-destructive. You will not be required to dismantle an electronic gadget in order to get it tested.
  2. The BGA x-ray inspection gives quick and real results that can be relied on. The faults and all areas that need fixing will be seen without the use of a lot of manpower.
  3. How much it costs to inspect the quality of the electronic motherboard, matters. Even the change of design from one PCB to another, should not stress you. This will save you a lot of money.
  4. A lot of time is saved when using the x-ray scanners.
  5. You are able to come up with better electronic boards, this will help you as a manufacturer, have trust in meeting on the supply of your electronic products.

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